Can kissing transmit HIV

HIV infection when kissing or having oral sex?

Question: What is the likelihood of contracting HIV while kissing or having oral sex? Could e.g. B. Do fever blisters pose a risk of HIV infection from bursting? What diseases can you get infected with intensive kissing, oral sex or protected sexual intercourse (condom)?


First of all, on the subject of AIDS

The virus is found in different body fluids in different concentrations: semen is considered highly infectious, followed by blood. Vaginal fluid contains lower concentrations and saliva is less infectious. In order to trigger an HIV infection, fluids containing the virus must be able to penetrate the bloodstream. Small wounds may also be sufficient. Contact of virus-containing material with healthy, intact skin or mucous membrane is not sufficient for an HIV infection. Fever blisters that have burst open can be a gateway if virus-containing secretions come into contact with them. If the cold sore of an HIV-positive person bleeds and the blood gets onto a wound of a non-infected person, there is a risk of infection. The risk of infection also depends on the virus concentration!

From the fever blister to genital herpes

Of the other sexually transmitted diseases, some can also be transmitted through oral sex.

Oral intercourse is not a known mode of transmission for classic sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea or syphilis. However, it must be assumed that in some stages of the disease, namely when the entire body is affected, for example in stage II of syphilis, the body secretion may contain bacteria, i.e. it may be infectious.

In the case of viruses, infection through oral sex is certainly possible. Here, too, a sufficient virus concentration and a skin or mucous membrane defect are required. Herpes can be transmitted from the lips to the genitals. No condom protects against herpes either!

The forms of hepatitis transmitted through body secretions are hepatitis B and hepatitis C. As with HIV transmission, blood is the main source of infection for hepatitis. The ways and conditions are the same. The danger with the aforementioned forms of hepatitis is that both can pass into the chronic form, which can then lead to liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.
There is a vaccination against hepatitis B.

You are quite well protected from the other sexually transmitted diseases during sexual intercourse with a condom. The route of infection for these diseases via intense kissing is unlikely, as is oral sex. Basically, it should be said that infections generally always require a certain concentration of pathogens, a suitable entry point and a medium in which the pathogens can multiply.

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