How can I be happy to be single

Secret recipe: being happy as a single

No, we will not be able to help you how to bake a rubber doll ;-). By secret recipe we mean something else. How many people do you know who are really happy as single? Certainly very few. It is suggested to us every day that you will not be happy without a partner by your side. All the love films, the probing questions from parents about your relationship status or the couples in love in your circle of friends do not make it easy for a single. Still, you can still be happy on your own. Now let's unravel this mystery.

Being happy as a single - is that what you really want?

Really go inside yourself. Listen to your heart and ask yourself if you enjoy being single. If you've been longing for a girlfriend for a long time but are now trying to put on a mask to make you “happy single”, then we can tell you one thing, that is the wrong way to go. It would make you depressed in the long run. Try to work on yourself and find out why you've been single for so long. If you find it difficult to flirt, you can look for tips in our flirt blog or visit our flirt workshop. But if you are someone who has already had a number of relationships and enjoys his freedom as a single, then you have created the perfect prerequisite for being happy as a single.

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Don't neglect your needs for love & sex

Believe it or not, a single craves tenderness, love, and sex at least as much as a couple. So treat yourself to a love affair. But also look specifically for a woman who lives according to the same values ​​and ideas as you. It should be clear from the start that you want to enjoy your freedom as a single. So you don't run the risk of hurting your counterpart. In plain language: There is nothing against seducing a woman as long as everyone agrees with the rules.

Finish with the past

If you still mourn your ex-girlfriend afterwards, then you are still attached to her inside. Closing the relationship and looking to the future takes time. You should take this time to be able to process everything. Only then are you free and can enjoy all your advantages as a single. If you are in exactly this situation, we have a little tip ready for you. Try to distract yourself, either to pursue your hobby more intensively or, even better, to get to know other women.

Forever happier single - is that possible?

Unfortunately, we are not aware of any study that could prove that people who have been single for decades are happy with it. If you know one, please let us know. Otherwise, we believe that human nature is not designed to be single for life. You can definitely be happy being single - at least for a while. Not for a lifetime, however. People always long for love and we are firmly convinced that a wonderful partner by your side will enrich your life with as many beautiful moments as you can alone.

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