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The salami is a type of permanent sausage. It is produced in a variety of variants and fermented by special microorganisms. The original Italian salamis always contained donkey or mule meat. Today salami is made from pork (pur porc) and beef and is mostly air-dried. It is one of the raw sausages.
Zervelatwurst (from Italian cervellata, from Latin cerebellum, the diminutive of cerebrum, "brain") is originally a sausage consisting of pork and brain. Today it is understood as slag sausage (derived from the traditional sausage casing, the slag intestine), a raw sausage usually made of fine ground pork, beef and bacon. The sausage mass is seasoned with pepper and brandy, mixed with curing salt and filled in natural or artificial casings. Finally, the sausages are cold-smoked.
Source: Wikipedia
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The main difference between the two types of sausage lies in the way they are made. Both contain beef, pork, and bacon. In the case of salami, however, the ingredients are not ground as finely as in the case of Cervelat. In addition, salami is wrapped in an artificial skin, while Cervelat is filled in natural casing.
The cervelat articles are mainly put into a skin and very roughly. The salami, on the other hand, comes in a casing and is pressed tightly. While the cervelat sausage or slag sausage is made from pork, beef and bacon, salami is usually just one taste, beef, horse or pork.
Salami: permanent sausage made from fermented raw meat.
Cervelat: boiled sausage.
> A boiled sausage is therefore not salami.
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