What is your mission in life

Find your life's task: With these 7 tips and the support of your rooms

Live the big dream. Find the purpose in life. Discover your calling. More and more people want to become self-employed with an idea, to realize themselves. It is very often a matter of turning your life's work into a business idea. To bring your own heart issue into the world.

I am asked so often: Maria, what can I do if I haven't found my topic yet? You know my motto: change your rooms. Change your life Change the world. Yes, I have found my calling: To tell you and others about how the rooms support us on our way to success and in our lives.

Find fulfillment through life's work

Do you wish that too? Finding a topic that inspires you and with which you can enrich people? Maybe it's just a hunch Are you still unsure where your path will lead you? Or do you already know your talent exactly, but would like to become even more focused and successful with it?

For me it started with the green stripes on the wall. This spatial measure has made a major change possible. I used the space anew and that brought a lot of movement into my life and made it possible to find my life's task in the first place.

If you want to do great things, you have to involve your entire environment and focus on the fact that THAT is your big goal now.

Finding your purpose in life: 7 simple tips

A big change in your rooms

This is so important: make a really big change in your space. No, you don't have to move or have construction work done. Rearrange furniture so that you get different perspectives and break new ground in the room. Consciously go new ways also outside of your rooms. You see other things and get new inspiration.

This article gives you ideas on how to make a difference when you're short on time. Often a few minutes and small measures are enough to initiate changes - you can
move a table

  • change your position at the dining table
  • Change the side of the bed you're lying on
  • Empty your rooms or remove all pictures
  • change the wall color

It is important that you come up with a visible change in your rooms manifest a YES to find your purpose in life. You probably won't find your life's work on the side. Pay your full attention to this precious goal.

Give focus to the subject

Make your goals visible in space. Make things up that will remind you every day that you want to find your purpose in life. You can read books on the subject, listen to podcasts, attend lectures ... and learn from experts and coaches how to get started. Don't hide the books, just keep an eye on them.

Postcards or motivational quotes, pictures of people and role models who have already found their purpose in life also help you stick with it. Big pictures that show a path that has a goal are good support for your subconscious. Clear goals and signs - what does your world of images look like? Do the pictures in your rooms show your goal, do they remind you of your dream?


Let go of old things and get rid of ballast. Have a look in your bookshelf - are there the old books, documents, files, certificates ... from an old job and school? You no longer need them around you. Detach yourself and say goodbye to a piece of the path that you have behind you.
This can be scary because you don't know exactly where the new will lead you. What are the objects stopping you?

If you want to find your purpose in life, you need Place to invite new things into your life. Perhaps, as a yoga teacher, you would like to accompany people to bring more calm and serenity into their everyday lives. Then you will buy suitable clothes in your closet and need fewer suits and costumes. You will acquire utensils for the lessons and training. Make way for it.

Get on your way

Find support, you may not find your topic on your own. I went to a coach and to this day in a supportive mastermind. In my free Facebook group you can look for people who are also on the way and you support each other.

There are so many blogs, podcasts, online courses ... to find your vision, your life's work. Go elsewhere: It will be difficult to find new ideas in your existing space. Go out into nature, perhaps consciously in a retreat - in a hotel, to a place of strength. Take all the inspiration, ideas, books and whatever you need with you to new rooms and take your time for the big change.

I do this every year, although I already know and live my life's work. This is how I come up with new ideas and keep finding motivation.

The rooms of your past

Take a look at the rooms of your childhood: What values ​​did you get exemplified? What topics did you deal with? Where did you like to be as a child? Did you play outside and forgot the time? In what shops did you love it

Even as a child, I loved furnishing rooms - it was always inside of me, even though I then did something completely different. Often your life task is already visible in your life.

Make ideas visible

As you come up with ideas, use all of the space to brainstorm. A large poster on which you collect, change, assemble, frame your ideas ... so that they really come into the world. (Managing all ideas or information only digitally inhibits your creativity).

It has been proven that when we write by hand we absorb things and information more intensively and anchor them in the subconscious than when typing. If you write things down in big letters, they have a completely different effect in the room and on you.
If you have the desire to work with medicinal herbs, perhaps to do an apprenticeship, bring pictures of the herbs into the rooms. Plant them in the garden or on the balcony. Make a big vision board out of your home.

Test at home

You can test very well in your rooms whether a topic really inspires you, really appeals to you. Take Disney and its theme parks, for example. There are hotel rooms there that have been designed after a Disney character.

Imagine that your life's work takes up the whole of your home. All rooms tell of your life's work, of your big dream. Do an exercise: How would your home be furnished? What do you feel about it? Write it down because then you will see what you really want to do. For which topic are you ready to go all ways? How serious are you with your life's work?

You certainly won't be able to do everything, but start with a little something. Today. Take a tip and get started. You can find your life's work - your rooms will put you on the right track.

Another tip: If there is something where it tingles, where you always think about it ... TO START. Finding the purpose in life is a process and can change.

I am curious whether you have already found your life's work. Feel free to report in the comment or tell us about it in my Facebook group.

Have fun on the way to your life's work

PS: On the way to find your life's task or to take the individual steps, put yourself in the position of success, you will achieve your goals much faster.