Like boys, gamer girls

Girls also want to really gamble

The cliché of the girl playing virtual games is brought to light by a simple Google image search with "Girl Gamer": Female gamers loll around half-naked with the controller in front of the console in the most possible and impossible poses. That is the image boys have of girls playing computer games. And they are crazy about gambling girls. They either want to protect the girl in battles or they find it hot that the girl knows how to fight back.

And girls take advantage of that: Although they play really badly (on purpose?), There are always these heroes on the net who want the girl to stay on their team. They are often nerds, guys who sit in front of the computer all day and seem like they have never seen a girl and whose dearest wish it is (after finding the sword Frostmourne in "World of Warcraft", of course ) to have a girlfriend - without having to get up from her comfortable swivel chair. You get fantasies only when the chat box says that a girl is present. It is totally annoying when a girl has to emphasize again and again that she is a girl in "League of Legends" or other role-playing games - "Oh, I'm a girl and I'm sooo cool because I play computer games." So the girls who do not value their femininity at all cannot be taken seriously. But unfortunately these are far too rare.

The computer game industry targets boys for most games. You can tell from the many female main and secondary characters in various games. But if girls really want to buy these sexualized games, so much the better.

Of course, there are also good games that both female and male populations enjoy. And of course not every gamer is also a nerd. But if a girl says that she played Pokemon as a child and has now played through almost all parts of "Assassin's Creed", she always gets a bonus immediately with every boy. And she knows that. More and more girls are playing virtual games. And yet it has not yet reached the developers that women not only want to be reduced to Wii parties or Sims, but also want to play "The Witcher 3" with a clear conscience - a very complex role-playing game.