Is Karachi Bakery from Pakistan

Claus Euler (65) from Meerbusch (Nrw)Wilhelm Busch's great-nephew is a baker in Pakistan

Islamabad / Meerbusch - The market in the Pakistani capital Islamabad has German bread, pastries and gluten-free chia rolls that would delight any Berlin hipster.

Baked by Claus Euler (65), the only German baker in the Pakistani capital. Euler, who originally comes from Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, has lived in the South Asian country since 1996.

Euler keeps what was originally intended as an idea for retirement - because there is great demand. “Max and Moritz German Bakery” is its brand name. And Wilhelm Busch, the author of the 150-year-old picture story, is Euler's great-great-uncle. The characters and the family connection inspired the name.

It all started with a job in the Swiss embassy. Later he worked as a UN advisor, then in humanitarian aid and supported remote villages in the north during the devastating earthquake in 2005.

Several trips took him to South Asia and finally to Pakistan for the first time in 1979. The region has always fascinated him. “The cultural diversity is insane,” says Euler, who married a Pakistani woman around 20 years ago. "The people are very accommodating and very hospitable, no matter where you go."

Pakistan is often associated with terror. The country has become much quieter. “I feel safe here,” says Euler, who only remembers a few moments that seemed threatening.

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With German recipes at the weekly market

The Rhinelander remained active even in retirement. Euler has been running a small bakery for around eight years and sells his delicacies at a well-known weekly market in Islamabad. Among other things, Euler bakes bread according to German recipes; Western foreigners as well as Pakistani people use it.

“I only bake as much as I can safely sell,” says Euler. To do this, he relies on seasonal and local products, and many ingredients grow on his roof garden. He doesn't have a shop, also because of the high shop rents. Still a "full-time job".

Euler relies on cooperation with local companies and sells hand-made sausages and cheeses that are otherwise difficult to come by. Quality is more important to him than sales. New and creative creations are added every week.

Euler still has many plans. The 65-year-old says his goals in Pakistan are slowly being reached. Nevertheless, the passionate baker is expanding with “Max and Moritz” and has recently been selling his goods in the capital's diplomatic quarter. Nevertheless, Euler sometimes also thinks of returning one day. "I don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore."