Should boys cry as well as girls

Girls are wild and boys cry - if we let them!

Do you remember when it was agreed that women cannot be scientists and that men should never show feelings? Fortunately today that is part of the gray past ...

Or? Since there have been a lot of small children in my circle of friends, I've heard one or two sayings that make me feel strange.

Fortunately, in my childhood it was taken for granted that I could become what I wanted and that I could wear pink as well as blue. That's why I actually no longer assumed that stereotypes about gender still play a major role today. In the meantime I am not so sure anymore, because since my friends have had children, I am suddenly confronted with “This-is-for-boys!" And “This-is-only-for-girls!” - ideas.

"Oh God, you're crying like a girl!"

A friend's two-year-old son recently heard this saying from his grandparents when he sought consolation from them for bumping into each other while playing. I winced slightly: Aha, so when it hurts, only girls are allowed to cry? It hurts guys just as much ... In order to save the grandparents' honor, I have to say that they hugged the little one lovingly after the saying went. Still, I had a strange aftertaste.

But some of us still seem to have very specific ideas about girls. Another mom from my circle of friends was annoyed the other day by a stupid comment in kindergarten: Her four-year-old had always enjoyed playing with the children's dump truck at the sandpit. The teacher there had little understanding for this: "Better let the boys play with it," was her recommendation for the little girl.

Questioning stereotypes

Sure, none of these are great dramas that I am telling you about here. Fortunately, the ideas we associate with a certain gender have already changed quite a bit in the last few decades. I don't even want to deny that. Even so, there still seems to be a little bit of these old stereotypes on our minds. After such a long time in which they have been a matter of course, this may not come as a surprise.

But I think it's important to continue to question such stereotypes. A boy who keeps hearing that "crying is for girls" may eventually take it to heart. A girl who likes to play with trucks, but only gets irritated reactions and stupid comments, learns: Playing with trucks is not intended for me, only boys are allowed to do that.

And what kind of nonsense is that?

And why does that annoy me?

"So what?", One or the other might think. But I think it's a shame when it is constantly suggested to children that they have limits based on their gender. Why limit the little ones so unnecessarily in what they want to do? That doesn't do them justice, does it? Every child should be able to be exactly how they want to be!

After all, we are all individual and nobody wants to be lumped together with old stereotypes.

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