How do wetsuits work

Whether divers, swimmers or triathletes - many athletes swear by wetsuits. But this “miracle material” also offers some advantages for beginners. Clothes made of neoprene keep you particularly warm in the water and give the human body something extra boost. This makes it much easier for beginners and poor swimmers to keep their bodies in the right position without, for example, sagging with their buttocks.

Wetsuit for children - © Reschke

What is neoprene?

"Neoprene" is a protected brand name of the US chemical company DuPont. It describes a special synthetic rubber, the Chloroprene rubber. This rubber-like material was developed in the 1930s and is now used, among other things, in the automotive industry. For use as a swimsuit, the material is foamed. Countless small gas bubbles are formed, which are essentially responsible for the insulating effect a "wetsuit" are responsible.

Find the right wetsuit

The online shop provides special sporty clothing and accessories. Various wetsuits for women and men are offered here, which are suitable for surfing, among other things.

An important purchase criterion is the right one, if possible skin-tight fit of a suit. The better the wetsuit fits, the less water penetrates under this webbing and the better the protection against the cold works. When trying it on and when using it later, the wetsuit must be pulled up well, especially in the buttocks, so that it is not uncomfortable on the shoulders or elsewhere. Actually, neoprene is very flexible. However, it is usually covered by a protective textile layer, which makes the swimsuit a stubborn piece of clothing.

Beach vacationers or swimming pool visitors usually get by with suits that have a material thickness of about two millimeters exhibit. In order to cool down less quickly, divers need a thicker layer of neoprene. For our geographic latitudes, a protective layer of four to eight millimeters is quite common.

Wetsuits are available as one-piece or two-piece, for adults or children, as full-body "overall" or "shorty" with short arms and legs. Retailers already have inexpensive suits for adults in stock for less than 100 euros. However, if you value quality, a good fit and durability, you should several hundred euros invest.

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