How do I close a Vanguard account

Vanguard ETF experiences: Best Vanguard ETFs 2021 Germany

ETFs are becoming an increasingly popular form of investment among investors. Vanguard ETFs are very popular products due to their low administration costs and good performance.

Some ETFs from this provider have even become category leaders.

We therefore inform you below about the best investment alternatives in Vanguard ETFs

Buying Vanguard ETFs - What should you look out for?

When choosing one Vanguard ETFs you should pay particular attention to these three aspects:

  • Prices: The total management fees affect the return on an investment. Vanguard ETFs are characterized by a very low TER.
  • ETF composition: Even two products that track the same index can show a different performance due to the composition of their portfolio. You should therefore check which assets are included in the ETF and what their weighting is. This is how you can tell whether the system fits your investment plan.
  • Liquidity: In general, ETFs with higher net worth have more liquidity. You should also check how high the average daily transaction volume is. This way you can estimate how easy or difficult it will be to buy and sell the ETF at any given moment.

Promising Vanguard ETFs 2021 at a glance: Our Vanguard ETF recommendations

We have the different Vanguard ETFs and can especially recommend these three for the year 2021:

Performance over 5 years104,8 %47,55 %59,61 %
Distribution of dividendsQuarterlyQuarterlyQuarterly
TER (current expenses)0,04 %0,09 %0,12 %
volume€ 182,936 million€ 27,747 million€ 65,880 million
Fund domicileUnited StatesUnited StatesUnited States
Introduction date07.09.201002.03.200704.03.2005
Use of incomedistributiondistributiondistribution
Replication methodPhysical (direct)Physical (direct)Physical (direct)

Where to Buy Vanguard ETFs? The best brokers for buying Vanguard ETFs compared

Of course, in addition to the best Vanguard ETFs, investors also need to know where to get them. So here is our comparison of the best Vanguard ETF brokers:

How to invest in Vanguard ETFs? Step-by-step guide to buying Vanguard ETFs in Germany

Around Vanguard ETF As already mentioned, you need a broker to buy in Germany. Our test winner is eToro. He can be contacted from the comfort of his home and he is one of the most reputable online brokers out there. This is how you register with eToro and buy Vanguard ETFs: 

1. Registration with eToro

Click the link below and then click "Set up an account". Alternatively, you can find the green button on the homepage or in the smartphone app with the inscription: "Register now". This will take you to the registration form.

All you have to do is enter your name and an email address. Set a user password for eToro and agree to the website's terms and conditions.

In a few minutes you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. When you log in, you will be asked to verify your details in accordance with EU regulations.

2. First deposit

To add funds to the account, select the tab "Deposit money". Fill in the fields with the amount of the deposit and the payment method. The supported amounts and forms of payment vary by country. Residents of Germany have these alternatives:

Payment methodsGermany
Buy Vanguard ETF with credit / debit card
Buy Vanguard ETF with PayPal
Buy Vanguard ETF with Skrill
Buy Vanguard ETF with Neteller
Buy Vanguard ETF with bank transfer
Buy Vanguard ETF with Trustly
Buy Vanguard ETF with Klarna / Sofort

3. Buy Vanguard ETFs online at eToro

Most deposits are credited to the broker's account within minutes. However, bank transfers can take 4 to 7 days. Also, if your financial institution requires additional procedures or checks, your account may be delayed.

Once the credit is available, choose one Vanguard ETF , determine the investment amount and place the order.

Set up a Vanguard ETF savings plan: can I use a Vanguard ETF for a savings plan?

If you want to save money regularly, you can Savings plan withVanguard ETFs set up. You can start with a very cheap amount that you determine yourself. You can also change the contributions over the term. The jobs are carried out automatically according to the instructions and can be temporarily paused if necessary.

Register with Trade Republic

First deposit

Choosing an ETF savings plan & setting up the ETF savings plan

One Vanguard ETF savings plan can be set up with Trade Republic in four simple steps:

  1. Vanguard ETF for the savings plan
  2. Define the time interval for the savings deposits (weekly, monthly, half-yearly)
  3. Determine the rate for the regularly deposited savings
  4. Establishment of the Vanguard ETF savings plan to lock

What's behind Vanguard? The story of the ETF provider Vanguard

Vanguard is an ETF provider with a very own business philosophy. Its founder, C. Bogle, decided to start a company that focused on individual investors. In order to guarantee the independence of the company, no external investors were used.

In other words: Vanguard's customers also own the company. The Fund's shareholders acquire ownership of the assets, which in turn are owned by Vanguard. Thanks to this model, the provider has distinguished itself through competitive prices and low TER or total costs.

Today is Vanguard as one of the largest ETF providers known to the world. He also tops the ranking of mutual funds. The company manages $ 7.2 trillion in securities. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, and has offices in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

Are Vanguard ETFs available in Germany?

Vanguard has a strong presence in Germany and is represented with its own office in Frankfurt am Main. One can in more than 60Vanguard ETFs invest that meet all European regulations.

One can even choose a fund that focuses on the local market, such as the Vanguard Germany All Cap UCITS ETF. It tracks the FTSE Germany All Cap Index, which is characterized by its broad diversification and good opportunities for long-term investments. It includes small-cap and large-cap companies and covers most of the stocks listed in the country.

Which ETFs from Vanguard are there? What are Vanguard ETFs?

Vanguard's portfolio includes more than 200 products, but not all are available worldwide.

A little more than 60Vanguard ETFsare traded in Europe. Roughly speaking, it can Vanguard's ETF portfolio can be divided into four categories:

Vanguard US equity ETFs

As an American company, Vanguard has a wide range of products aimed at this market. Vanguard US equity ETFs can according to the size of the companythat they list, are subdivided.

There are also ETFs that more on the return or the growth rate pay attention to the capitalization. Some ETFs only invest in stocks with above-average growth rates. But there are also products that rely on the opposite and invest in companies with below-average ratings. Finally there is Vanguard US equity ETFsthat combine growth and value stocks.

Vanguard US equity ETFs are suitable for investors looking for:

  • Long-term investments with potential dividends
  • Acceptance of a higher risk

International equity ETFs

On the other hand there is Vanguard ETFstargeting global, international and emerging markets. The former are made up of stocks in companies around the world, including the United States. In contrast, close international equity ETFs American companies. There are also regional ETFsthat focus on stocks in a specific region, such as B. Europe or the Pacific.

Finally, there are two other groups of ETFs that differentiate according to the level of development of the countries. On the one hand there is Developed Markets ETFsthat focus on strong economies in countries other than the US. Examples of this are ETFs with a focus on Japan, France or the UK. There are also Emerging Markets ETFs. In their portfolio they combine investments in countries with developing economies such as India, Brazil and China.

The internationalVanguard ETFs bring more diversity to the investment portfolio.

Vanguard Sector ETFs

Vanguard Sector ETFs focus on certain industries or certain economic actors.

For example, ETFs that focus on technology or biomedicine have seen tremendous growth in recent years.

There are also products from sectors such as telecommunications, energy, real estate and materials, to name just a few.

This type of ETF is very attractive to investors who are looking for one specific company profile interested.

You avoid the risks of buying stocks in any single company by investing in the industry.

Vanguard US bond ETF

There are at least 15 VanguardU.S. BondETFs. The portfolio includes