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22.4.21: To Trixi (11.9.20): Hello Trixi, you wrote you are looking for a good parking space! Well, I can help you: Entering Zug from the Cham side you have to drive towards Zug entrance, there is still a large Amag garage there, drive towards Zug, turn right at the 2nd set of traffic lights, drive under the railway underpass, Then turn straight to the right, park there at the shooting range. I come from Solothurn and also here, it's just a super nice place for nudist connoisseurs. LG edgar

9/11/20: Was there twice until today. Since we are coming from outside the country, there is almost no possibility to park our car for longer. Can someone give me a good guy Thanks. Trixi

7/25/19: My wife and I only recently discovered the feeling of being nudist! Although we already suspected it for several years, we decided a few weeks ago to try it in the summer vacation and find out whether it suits us! So we decided to experience our premiere yesterday! And we were pleasantly surprised by the nudists present! Since we didn't know what to expect, we were only at least prepared. However, people were happy to help us out with things we were missing! As newcomers, we were not scrutinized from head to toe or constantly observed! It's a very nice place too! We went back there the next day, even though it's not around the corner! We were able to exchange a few words with other like-minded people in the 2 days! We will definitely not be there for the last time! Because we liked it a lot, and maybe there will be more contact with the times! Mike

8/26/18: It's a really nice place on Lake Zug.
When I wanted to enjoy my free afternoon, the self-proclaimed entertainer came once again to talk and harass newcomers. At some point the same question always follows: “Are you a good swimmer?” Often someone swims out with them, then it takes at least 1 - 1.5 hours to get back. That's why I'm really worried that there will be an emergency because he doesn't take a life buoy with him either. A concerned nudist visitor

8/13/18: Hello, yesterday at the nudist had a lot of people. I liked one very much and had a sympathetic charisma, I would like to see it again. It is called cordula. If you read this I would be happy to hear from you 0795354189 LG sandro

6/8/18: Yesterday we went to a nudist beach for the first time, we felt at home straight away, and we were surprised by so many people, we'll be back for sure, Gruss Manu

7/20/18: So I think that you are under observation. People leave you alone. After all, man is there to relax. Great place, of course a bit small. Otherwise quite ok. Stefan

19.7.18: Uncomfortable place, you are under constant observation by would-be top dogs! It's a shame, a few years ago that was even better ... more tolerant. the place itself is nice but you should build a 2M fence around it and found a private club. Martin ..

7/18/18: As a stranger you are patterned! Being naked is compulsory! Too little space! There are better places to bathe in the nude. Bubu

29.4.18: Was there today and wanted to see if that would be something for me. I took off my sweatshirt and sat on the sidelines with my clothes on again. A few others were also dressed. A black man came up to me and got the wrong tone and expelled me from the court under threat from the police and the boss ... Either one is nudist or not and so on and so on ... Up to a certain point he is right : Fkk is nudist, but my conclusion was: a frustrated kasper with power on an uneventful Sunday. franz wallmann

April 19, 2018: Are there people here yet? Can you chill there with clothes on? Skip

3/19/18: The bathing area is very nice and there are also very nice people there. Wonderful. Franz

10/27/17: Small but nice with a wonderful view of the lake and mountains and a shallow lake entrance and nice, uncomplicated people where you can chat and grill together, what more could you want? It's just great. In winter, nudist swimming is popular in the indoor swimming pool Menziken AG or at home in my sauna. Hugo

4/9/17: I was here for the first time today, think it's great and I'll be back. Heiri

July 21, 2018: I support the nudist and have no problem with the idea that everyone should stay as they want and wanted to ask whether the nudist bans wearing swimming trunks. Thanks in advance. Franz

15.9.16: Very nice bathing place and young women to look at! Roggs

4/4/16: This is by far the most beautiful nudist bathing place in Switzerland, simply idyllic in nature with a wonderful wide access to the lake. The audience is also very pleasant. It's a shame that I don't live near Zug, otherwise I would come more. Sven

8/25/16: It's a very beautiful place with a great view of the lake and mountains and with a well-mixed open people and more and more couples and women. The contact with other nudists is very uncomplicated and open and the fun at the barbecue is always the highlight and if someone has forgotten something, someone is immediately helpful and, unlike other baths, you can leave your utensils safe because thieves are in one such a large intact community have no chance. Hugo

8/23/16: I like to go there with two colleagues. I feel good and safe there.
The lack of infrastructure is not a problem, you know beforehand and can prepare accordingly. Ingrid

August 18, 2016: Congratulations to the old fighters who, in 1986, exactly 30 years ago, dared to sunbathe their bums in the western corner of the new Choller bathing area and step into the water without clothing. Back then it was a game of cat and mouse with the police, because being naked was considered fornication. Thanks to their persistence, nude bathing was officially allowed after the change in the Criminal Code. Let us hope, with personal responsibility, decency and mutual consideration, that we can preserve this little paradise for a long time to come. Werner the Lucerne

14.8.16: There are also many female people there, unfortunately, who mostly do not speak to you that is what bothers me the most when I am there, I would like it better if you would make contact with other people. Bernhard

7/27/16: Great people, helpful and friendly. Marten

6/22/16: I've been there many times. Really nice place. It doesn't bother me that the path leads right past it. When I'm there, it's mostly on Sunday morning. Most of the time there aren't that many people there. I'm always happy to be at the Choller, hope that the weather will finally stay that way. Greetings Markus

5/15/16: Great, thank you Andrea. I was there on the days; connected it to a motorcycle tour. is super nice there. Marco D.

May 10, 2016: For Marco: I only saw your contribution now, yes, there are already an average of 25-30 people on beautiful days on the nudist beach. Andrea

2.5.16: When does the nudist season start on Choller? Will nudists sunbathe on 05.05.16 or 06.05.16 (should be 20 ° C)? I ask for a quick answer from whom who can say this from experience. Many Thanks. Marco D.

8/10/15: A very beautiful nudist beach that is visited by a well-mixed audience in terms of age. Even as a single lady, it is no problem to enjoy nude bathing here. Andrea

7.2.15: Great place. Hombre

June 15, 2014: A few years ago I was here with a friend who unfortunately is no longer alive. Back then I was kind of uncomfortable bathing naked. There were maybe 10 people in total at the nudist bathing area, not all of them naked. And it wasn't a problem that I was wearing swimming trunks.
The other bathing areas are also very nice, but they quickly fell into the shade. Diego

7.6.14: I'm not even a nudist ... except for nude bathing. Great that there are no intrusive people, beautiful views and the two textile bays were well used. Most of the people there are relatively old, but it doesn't have to be bad XP Dario

9/6/13: It is very natural and has nothing to do with erotic. Franz

19.8.13: Absolutely wonderful and idyllic swimming area! It is an unparalleled feel-good corner. Direct walking path is problem-free, mutual tolerance. Nice, very well mixed audience, not only men but a lot of couples of different ages and also individual self-confident and attractive women. Ernestine

13.7.13: A very nice nudist place and lots of nudists. patrick

9.9.12: Hardly any infrastructure, but a nice, quiet place for nude bathing. One of the few naturist places in central Switzerland. Regina St.

8.9.11: I walked past the beach yesterday with my partner, it is very homely; a shame - she does not participate, I will be back. Peter

May 10, 2011: While the two western bathing bays are deserted (they are small and don't seem very attractive to me for sunbathing), the nudist bathing area is well attended. 30 to 40 nudists occupy the 30 meter wide lawn. There is only shade at the edge from the trees that border it. It is most beautifully located directly on the sandy beach with its small pebbles. There you are a bit distant from the hiking trail, on which inexperienced textiles really walk past the nude bathing area.
The location is quiet, the view over the lake to the Rigi is perfect. Bathing is at your own risk, but the beach drops slowly into the deeper water, ideal for children. Apart from simple benches and a fireplace, there is no infrastructure. The toilet is a few meters further, it cannot be reached naked. Many nudists will probably clean themselves up in the lake. It doesn't work well in the bushes, the space is too tight.
I couldn't make out the "scene" that can be found at some nudist spots. It may be different on other days.
The Choller bathing spots are located in a nature reserve. This brings a few restrictions, e.g. a leash requirement for dogs. A few visitors don't seem to know that. The dog then decides himself where the dog toilet is ... D.S. Badi info

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