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Crazy: Apple's Mac Pro rolls cost 849 euros - as much as a PC

No, Apple has not slipped the decimal point in the price information in the Apple Online Store: The manufacturer is now seriously offering four stands for the Mac Pro for 349 euros and four castors for 849 euros. As of today, the two alternative installation methods, castors and feet, for the Mac Pro desktop computer are available as accessories that can be ordered individually. Up until now, when ordering, you had to decide whether you wanted to order feet (no extra charge) or castors (+500 euros). Now that doesn't matter from now on, you can now get a foot set and a castor set in the Apple Store. Bargain! 849 euros for four rolls

Is the price still in proportion?

Apple is apparently proceeding according to the motto that the accessories for the super computer must not be cheap and is now asking 849 euros for the so-called "Apple Mac Pro Roll Kit". In the US, the fee is $ 699. The set consists of four stainless steel and rubber rollers and a ΒΌ inch by 4 mm hex bit to mount the rollers.

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849 euros is about the same as a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 - so the rollers are just as expensive as a Microsoft laptop. For the same price, you also get 1.75 new iPhone SEs, 2.5 Microsoft Xbox One Xs, around 900 bars of Milka chocolate or 2800 rolls of Aldi toilet paper.

Anyone who has already ordered the rolls for the Mac Pro, which incidentally costs up to 62,000 euros and looks like a cheese grater, can now also order feet separately. The "Apple Mac Pro Stand Kit" consists of four feet plus a special tool bit and costs a mere 349 euros. You don't get high-tech castors for this, just simple feet that look like the feet of an Ikea kitchen polished to a high gloss.

How Apple justifies the price is not entirely clear. Neither material costs nor development costs should make these simple accessories so expensive. That Apple can prevail with these moon prices, however, had already been shown with the Pro Display XDR. The Pro Stand, for setting the height, inclination and orientation, costs a whopping 1099 euros.

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