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Sahara, Lofoten, Shetland Islands: experience pure nature


Nature in the Shetland Islands
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In the far north of Scotland are the Shetland Islands. An archipelago of more than 100 islands, of which only 15 are inhabited, an escape from the digital world is therefore wonderfully easy here. Regardless of whether it is long hikes in the wild and rugged landscape, bird watching or relaxed walks by the sea, here you can wonderfully experience nature in its origins and the desire to pull out your smartphone slips into the distance.

North Patagonia

Nahuel Huapi Lake, Argentina
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Patagonia stretches across Chile and Argentina and is as sparsely populated as it is huge. But while the north with its Torres del Paine National Park attracts numerous outdoor fans, the north of Patagonia is hardly visited. Here you can enjoy the fascination of this rugged, beautiful landscape away from the hordes of tourists with selfie sticks and really work off while climbing, hiking or skiing. Special highlights are Bariloche and the Lake District with their breathtaking landscapes.

Great Australian Bay

Even if Australia is a popular tourist destination, you can find many places in this enchanting country (of which just ten percent are inhabited) that offer completely unspoilt nature. One of these places is the great Australian Bay on the southwest coast of Australia. Between June and October, in addition to the fascinating landscape, you can also enjoy an incredible natural experience: Thousands of ring whales move here to calve and raise their young.

Galapagos Islands

View from the Galapagos island of Bartolome
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The Galapagos Islands, which belong to Ecuador, were formed several million years ago by a volcanic eruption and are known today for their unique flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. No matter where you go on the Galapagos Islands: everywhere you can discover animal species that can only be found there - from gigantic turtles to 45 different species of birds.


Fishing village in Lofoten
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The Norwegian archipelago of Lofoten is gorgeous in its rugged, barren way. Few of them get lost here, remote from the Arctic Circle. The islands offer a beguiling variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking or skiing, sailing, diving, surfing, horse riding and of course fishing. All of these are ideal opportunities to explore the rugged mountains, the coast and the fjords and to feel completely connected to nature again.

Westfjords Iceland

Waterfall in the west fjords

Admittedly, Iceland is no longer an insider tip, but despite all the tourist crowds that visit the Nordic island every year, Iceland is still a wonderful place to get back to nature. This works particularly well in the remote Westfjords: Surrounded by high, steep mountains, the Westfjords can only be reached via small, confused roads. But you can expect breathtaking nature, with waterfalls, hot springs and bizarre rock formations.

Lake Kawaguchi

Lake Kawaguchi in front of Mount Fuji
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Lake Kawaguchi in Japan is located in the heart of the Five Lakes Region and at the foot of Mount Fuji - the country's landmark. Here at the lake, just two hours away from the metropolis of Tokyo, you can hardly imagine the hurry and hurry in the city. And from here you can start wonderful hiking tours that lead you into the heart of untouched Japanese nature. You are rarely completely alone here, but you can still enjoy the unique landscape wonderfully.

North Kerala

You can find peace and quiet on the northern shores of Kerala, where hardly any of the famous houseboats are still on the move. Here you feel as if you have found the gateway to an undiscovered paradise. A dreamlike backwater is Kavvayi Kayal with an almost overflowing flora and fauna and a fascinating history that goes back to Marco Polo.

Aleutian Islands

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The Aleutian Islands between North America and Asia can only be reached in summer, because only then there are ferries to the islands and it is worthwhile to get a seat on the ferry. Because you are greeted by huge underground volcanoes rising out of the sea, vast expanses of green tundra and a coast that is as beautiful as it is deceptive - you can hardly be closer to untouched nature anywhere else.

Sahara Desert

Sunset in the Sahara

The Sahara - a desert in which little grows and hardly anything survives - who wanted to come here to experience pure nature? But it is a mistake to believe that there is only heat and death here. Because in the seclusion of the desert you can enjoy absolutely unique experiences of nature: nowhere else is the sky so incredibly clear with stars as in the desert. And at the oases, it seems as if life is growing out of nowhere - the desert holds numerous surprises in store.

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Published on: 12 December 2018
Last update: December 12, 2018