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Armpit sweat: What helps against penetrating sweat odor

Summary: What to do against sweat odor

Our skin releases around two liters of water every day. But there are people who perspire heavily and spread an unpleasant smell. Often, even simple means help: airy clothing made of natural materials such as cotton, cold showers, sauna sessions, antiperspirant deodorants. It can also help to reduce the consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol and hot spices.

There is an important meeting in the office. The evening rendezvous is everything. But the blouse or shirt is already adorned with unattractive sweat marks under the armpits. And then there is the unpleasant smell. In such situations at the latest, sweating can become a burden. But simple remedies can help reduce the body's sweat production and combat the odor.

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Sweat is initially odorless

"Most people try to smell fresh and clean, because body fragrances are not considered attractive in our society," says the professor at the Catholic University of North Rhine-Westphalia in Paderborn. How successful you are at this depends on a number of factors. One major source of annoying body odor is sweat. And that even though it doesn't smell at all at first, explains Birgit Huber, Head of Beauty Care at the Body Care and Detergent Association.

"Sweat consists of 99 percent water, which evaporates, and half a percent salt." The remaining half percent, however, contains urea, amino acids and lactic acid, as well as protein, fat and sugar. "They are broken down by the bacteria on the skin, and that smells - the longer the bacteria can spread there, the more."

Sweating is vital