What can the USA do with Venezuela

Venezuelans can temporarily stay in the US

The new US government wants to issue temporary residence permits to Venezuelans who have fled to the United States. Due to the "extraordinary" conditions in Venezuela, it is currently not safe to return to the South American country, emphasized a government official in Washington. Venezuela is a country that is unable to protect its own citizens, Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas said, according to a statement.

Note the due date regulation

Applicants must be able to provide evidence that they have come to the United States by Monday. Anyone who has not yet been in the country on the cut-off date cannot apply for protection status. The government estimates the number of potential applicants at around 320,000. With the "Temporary Protected Status", people in the USA can also get a work permit. The residence permit should initially be valid for 18 months.

Biden makes the front against President Maduro - he can count on China, Russia and his allies Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua

International cooperation against Maduro

The US is also reportedly working to coordinate international pressure on the incumbent Venezuelan head of state Nicolas Maduro to hold free and fair elections. According to an official, Washington is relying on cooperation with the European Union and partners in Latin America and the Caribbean. He made it clear that the administration of President Joe Biden under his predecessor Donald Trump wanted to review sanctions imposed on the oil-rich country.

Since the beginning of 2019, a power struggle has been raging in the once rich country between the government of Maduro and the self-appointed interim president Juan Guaidó. Venezuela is suffering from a severe economic crisis and millions have left their homes. Due to a lack of foreign exchange and the US sanctions, it can hardly import food, medicines and everyday necessities.

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