The government is basically a legal gang

The federal government on the illegality of the entire German foreign intelligence: "legal, illegal, don't give a shit!"

Even if the topic as such usually seems to trigger a knee-jerk gasping, in the following I would like to draw a parallel to the uprisings against the Nazi regime and Edward Snowden. Specifically on the subject of "resistance" in general.
Don't worry, I'm feeling about this. only about the speech of "our" Federal President Joachim Gauck. The fact that I basically don't think much of this person (which is now very, very nicely phrased) is irrelevant.
So on the subject: A few days ago, i.e. on April 20th, as is well known - as every year - Stauffenberg and Co. were thought of. “Our” President did a lot of work and of course also made a speech. See here as a source e.g. here:

And in my opinion, this speech has it all, if you let your words on the subject of "resistance" melt on your tongue and just try to adapt to our times.


Quote Joachim Gauck # 1
In the years before 1933, the Reichswehr had helped to undermine and undermine the free-democratic order of the Weimar Republic. As a de facto “state within the state”, it had not or only very inadequately fulfilled its intended role of protecting the constitution. Too many of their relatives sympathized with anti-democratic forces.
Quote end
If you replace “Reichswehr” with “BND”, adjust the year and replace “Weimar Republic” with “Federal Republic of Germany”, then, in my opinion, nobody would come up with what the speech is actually about ...

Quote Joachim Gauck # 2
Resistance is not, it will. He may begin with faint doubts about what you once believed to be true, what you once believed. At some point, however, resistance takes the courage to act.
What hollow phrases ... See above: "Take note" act UNEQUAL!

Quote Joachim Gauck # 3
July 20th, on the other hand, reminds us of what we want and want to be able to do: courageously stand by our values. Do not make us complicit in wronging others. Of course, it is easy to say this from a comfortable distance from the events of the day. And yet each and every one of us knows that inner question to which it is difficult to give an easy and at the same time truthful answer: How would I behave if I knew that the price of my actions was prison, torture or even the end of my own Life can be? Would I have the courage and would I still have it at the crucial hour?
He can ask Edward Snowden that personally. In Germany!

Quote Joachim Gauck # 4
Because the most important warning to all of us who live today in a free and peaceful Germany is: The rule of law must always be the rule of law, democracy must always be democracy, human dignity must always remain human dignity. We are responsible for the freedom we have and are determined to keep.
Normally I would almost think that the Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany mocked the victims of the Nazi regime with such sentences in such a speech, because his statements are unlike his deeds - see current affairs. But out of respect for the victims of the Nazi regime, I refrain from doing so. Ergo: without words!
But applied to today, he is absolutely right. In my opinion we (by that I mean people who - let's say - are between 20 and 60 years old) should be aware of our responsibility towards our children and grandchildren. If we don't set the course today, tomorrow the train may be somewhere completely different from what we wanted ...

Quote Joachim Gauck # 5
The memory of July 20, 1944 certainly teaches us one thing: we have a choice between action and inaction, between talking and remaining silent. July 20 shows us that, and June 17, 1953, and the events of 1989, which we remember not only in Germany but also in Europe this year, show us that.
Basically, he is saying (also) that he and all the other marionettes at the Berlin Muppet Show need a lot on their hat ...
Quote Thomas Jefferson:
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

On that note, Baxter