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Kanjiサ イ タ マ
AliasBald cape
master(from Genos)
The hobby hero
Character information
gender Male
size175 cm[1]
Weight70 kg[1]
Eye colorbrown
Hair colorblack (Bald head)
classA class (Rank 39, current)
B class (Rank 7, King Arc)
C class (Rank 2, Deep Sea Clan Arc)
loyaltyHeroes Association
WebcomicChapter 1
MangaPunch 1
AnimeEpisode 1
Voice actor
JapaneseMakoto Furukawa
GermanFabian Oscar Vienna

Saitama (サ イ タ マ, Saitama) is the protagonist of One-Punch Man and the strongest hero in the world who can defeat any opponent with just one hit. However, his powers seem to frustrate him as he no longer feels the thrill and excitement of fighting an uphill battle. This leads him to question his need for strength, which leads him into an existential crisis. That is why he is annoyed after each of his fights that it is over after one blow.

He later won Genos as a student, who admired him for his strength.

Within the heroes' association he is known by the hero's name "Bald Cape" (ハ ゲ マ ン ト, Hagemanto) and is currently on Rank 39 the A class.


Saitama is a bald, ordinary-looking man with a muscular build and of average height. He has brown eyes and used to have a full head of black hair before he lost it through his "intensive" training.

Saitama is mostly depicted in a very simple drawing style, with a very simple mouth and eyes. When Saitama gets serious he is portrayed in a very detailed style, showing more facial features and muscles.


When Saitama acts as a hero, he wears a stereotypical superhero costume. His costume consists of a yellow jumpsuit with a short zipper on the collar, a black belt with a gold buckle, red boots and gloves, and a white cape (initially a red cape in the manga).


Saitama is a jaded person. Even the strongest opponents are no challenge for him, which is why he is bored and therefore always looking for strong opponents with the hope of finally feeling a thrill again. Despite his craving for strong opponents and his boredom, Saitama does not ignore any crime and remains active as a hero.

Saitama has a habit of forgetting people's names and faces, such as when he forgot Sonic's name or couldn't remember Tanktop Tiger.

Another characteristic of Saitama is that he is very humble and doesn't mind the way people look at him. He was ready to leave all the credit for the fight against the Deep Sea King to the other heroes and to absorb all the hatred of the civilians. He had done the same thing during the events at the police station, posing as a policeman and leaving all the credit to the policemen. He doesn't even care that King got all the credit for his past deeds.

Skills and strengths

Saitama is the titular One-punch man and the strongest character in the entire series to date. So far no opponent has been able to injure him in any way and hardly any opponent has been able to survive a somewhat "serious" blow from him. Very few enemies were able to survive blows from him, such as all the people he has hit because he does not want to kill anyone and Boros, whom he also showed sympathy for, because he himself knows how boring it can be, does not deserve any To find opponents and therefore held back to give him a satisfactory fight. Saitama's only strengths are his body, which has far exceeded the human limit, and his strong will.

The origin of Saitama's immeasurable powers is mysterious and unclear. He himself claims that he became so strong through normal physical training, but nobody really wants to believe him. According to his own statement, for three years he did 100 push-ups, trunk bends and squats a day, and then ran 10 kilometers a day. This training was said to have been so difficult for him and also so hard that he thought he was going to die. His hair should also have fallen out because of this training. After he had already reached superhuman level, he followed his training for another 1 1/2 years. However, Genos suspects that Saitama does not know the real reason for his strength and is sure that there is more to it, which is why he decided to keep watching Saitama to learn his real secret. Dr. Genus believes that Saitama managed to somehow remove his natural "limiter", which allows him to exceed his human limits. An important detail about Saitama's training is that during his training he fought against monsters and villains without neglecting them.

Garo is of the opinion that Saitama's strength makes no sense and referred to him as the "personification of justice", which consists of the "unfairness of the world".[2]

Physical abilities

Limitless physical strength: Saitama has seemingly limitless physical strength and is able to effortlessly defeat any monster or villain with just one easy blow. Saitama is so strong that almost any opponent will explode as soon as Saitama hits him or her. Saitama can easily destroy rocks, steel, concrete and much more with easy movements. Saitama is even strong enough to crush a huge meteorite with just one blow and jump up to it. He is able to get from the moon to earth with just jumping. The most impressive rendition of Saitama's incredible power to date has been that, with a "serious" punch, he Roaring supernova cannon (an attack that would have destroyed the whole world) completely repulsed and defeated the latter without direct contact. Boros himself commented after their fight that Saitama was actually holding back and actually had a lot more strength.

Limitless speed and reflexes: Saitama's speed doesn't seem to have any limits either. He can easily keep up with Sonic's speed, and even Genos' tracking systems struggled to locate Saitama. Saitama was also able to finish a 1,500 meter sprint in a flash during his hero registration. Saitama was even able to do Flashy FlashsFlashy slash to evade and fend off. According to Boros, Saitama held back all the time during their fight, so one can assume that Saitama is actually even faster. Ironically, despite its speed, Saitama was unable to crush a simple mosquito (presumably also serving as a comedic effect).

Unarmed hand-to-hand combat: Saitama only fights with his body alone. Saitama uses simple movements in close combat such as. simple blows. Garo thinks that Saitama is an amateur when it comes to fighting, because he "wastes" a lot of movements and has no real ability, but only wins with strength and not with fighting skills. When Saitama defeated the deep sea king, as always with just one blow, it was so strong that all falling and already fallen rain simply disappeared.

Normal series: Saitama's "Normal Series" of attacks consists of techniques in which he makes no effort and moves quite loosely. Despite the fact that he makes no effort, most of the opponents will be defeated by techniques of this series.
  • Series of normal punches (連 続 普通 の パ ン チ, Renzoku Futsū no Panchi): Saitama hits his opponent several times in a row so quickly that it seems as if all hits are being made at the same time. He does not use his full strength, but his opponents are literally shredded by these blows.
  • Two-handed series of normal punches (両 手 ・ 連 続 普通 の パ ン チ, Ryōte Renzoku Futsū no Panchi): Similar to Saitama's "series of normal punches" with both hands instead of just one. First used against Garo.
Deadly Serious Series (必殺 マ ジ シ リ ー ズ, Hissatsu Majishirīzu): Saitama's "Deadly Serious Series" of attacks consists of techniques where he tries a little harder and moves more forcefully than usual. Techniques in this series have enormous power and are even strong enough to split the sky (which can also be seen from space can watch out).

Invulnerability: Saitama trained his body so hard during his training that so far only one attack in his dreams could (slightly) injure him. Even a flame explosion created by Genos to burn Mosquito Girl only burned his clothes.


  • "Saitama" is the name of the Japanese city where ONE, the author / mangaka of One-Punch Man, grew up or drew the manga (varies depending on the source).