It is worth buying a dishwasher

Dishwasher comparison 2021

  • Dishwashers do the washing up and take care of cleaning and drying the dishes for you.
  • There are different designs of dishwashers that can be integrated into a kitchen as required.
  • Approx. 70% of households in Germany own a dishwasher - regardless of the size of the household, there is a suitable model for every taste.

After a sumptuous meal with the whole family, there is nothing better than sitting full and happy on the couch and resting a little - if it weren't for the annoying washing up that piles up in the kitchen and waits to be mastered. Almost three quarters of German households own a dishwasher that is used almost every day. No wonder, you only have to load the dishes, put in the dishwasher tabs, set the desired function and the job is done.

From one-person households to large families, the practical household appliance is always used when you don't have the time or inclination to do the washing by hand. Different Sizes and models make the dishwasher a flexible everyday helper for the kitchen.

The standard dishwasher is 60 cm wide, 60 cm deep and 81 cm high without a worktop. Smaller models with a width of 45 cm are suitable for singles.

Whether your dishwasher should be 45 cm or 60 cm wide depends not only on the size of your household, but also on other factors that we would like to show you in this buying guide with dishwasher comparison 2021. We'll show you where you can buy a cheap dishwasher and which manufacturer produces the best dishwashers.

1. What makes a good dishwasher?

If you want to buy a dishwasher, you should consider important aspects in order to find the right appliance for you. You will have a good dishwasher in the kitchen if the appliance suits your needs.

The most important aspects include:

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  • Size and capacity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Noise level
  • Special functions such as aqua stop

2. What types of dishwashers are there?

A dishwasher should first and foremost wash dishes - cleanly and quickly. There are a variety of dishwasher categories and types on the market that differ in their construction and additional functions.

We already know from one or the other dishwasher test that consumers want a reliable device with a long service life. After all, dishwashers are expensive to purchase and use on a daily basis.

Below we show you a brief overview of the most common types of dishwashers.

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Built-in dishwasher
  • partially integrated or fully integrated
  • Can be integrated in (design) kitchens
  • Sizes are standardized
Free standing dishwasher
  • has a pre-assembled, resilient device cover
  • mostly buildable
  • flexible in the setup
  • compact design
Undermount dishwasher
  • no possibility of optically adapting the rest of the kitchen
  • no resilient surface

Does a built-in dishwasher seem to be the right choice for you? Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of built-in dishwashers in the table below:

  • Can be seamlessly integrated into the kitchen unit
  • Either partially or fully integrated
  • Visually adapts to the existing kitchen
  • The height of the worktop is tied to the height of the device

3. Which points from our purchase advice do you have to pay attention to when buying?

Regardless of the dishwasher manufacturer and brand, the correct size of your dishwasher naturally also plays a major role. Depending on the people in the household and the frequency of visits, there are key points to consider before buying a dishwasher.

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3.1. The right size - for singles or large families

Narrow dishwashers are suitable for single households, for example.

It makes a difference whether a dishwasher is 60 cm tall or whether your dishwasher is 45 cm tall. The mini dishwashers are suitable for one-person households and have a capacity for around 10 place settings.

A place setting is a measurement procedure standardized in accordance with EU directives that regulates the fill quantity for dishwashers.
A place setting corresponds to:

  • 1 soup plate
  • 1 dinner plate
  • 1 dessert plate
  • 1 drinking glass
  • 1 cup
  • 1 saucer
  • 1 tablespoon
  • 1 knife
  • 1 fork
  • 1 teaspoon
  • 1 dessert spoon

In a 1-2 person household, you calculate 8-10 place settings per wash cycle. A narrow dishwasher with a width of approx. 45 cm is sufficient for couples or singles.

A small dishwasher with a load for 4-6 place settings is also known as a table dishwasher and is also sufficient for singles who rarely have to wash dishes.

3.2. Dishwasher models are also room-dependent

If your kitchen has enough space, you shouldn't have any problems finding a suitable appliance. It is different if you have to plan for a limited room size. Anyone who already has a fully equipped kitchen could have found the right model with a built-under dishwasher, because it can be quickly integrated under the worktop. Undermount dishwashers are also available from well-known manufacturers with a good price-performance ratio.

A built-in dishwasher is the best dishwasher for you if you value a uniform overall appearance in an existing kitchen. You also have the choice of whether your built-in dishwasher should be partially or fully integrated.

Free-standing dishwashers cannot optically be integrated directly into your kitchen front, but are advantageous for student apartments, for example, due to their flexibility. Here, too, there are models that can be built under, which can be pushed under the worktop.

Tip: Are you looking for a dishwasher that is suitable for tea kitchens, singles or small kitchens? If efficiency is more important to you than looks, we recommend buying a free-standing dishwasher.

3.3. Integrable dishwasher for a harmonious look

Integrable dishwashers are perfect for a uniform look.

A calm look in the kitchen is important to many buyers. In order not to interrupt this with large devices such as dishwashers, it is worth thinking about buying an integrated dishwasher.

If the dishwasher is to be as inconspicuous as possible, your dishwasher must be fully integrated, because then it can no longer be recognized from the outside as a dishwasher. These dishwasher models are particularly suitable for simple, puristic kitchen fronts without handles.

If the dishwasher is partially integrated, you will find the control bar on the top inside the door and the dishwasher is covered from the outside, but can still be recognized as such.

3.4. Save money with the right energy efficiency class

The indication of the energy efficiency class is mandatory for European household electronics. The different classes are divided from A-D.

A dishwasher A +++ has the best energy efficiency value and D the worst. This information gives the end user information about the water and electricity consumption, as well as the drying time.

3.5. Cutlery basket or cutlery drawer?

Dishwashers with a cutlery basket are those models that have a removable basket for cutlery in the lower basket. The disadvantage of cutlery baskets is that consumers often find them "bulky".

The cutlery drawer is also known as the top compartment. The cutlery is placed in pre-formed inserts without being able to stick together. Dishwashers with a cutlery drawer are available in two versions. One is suitable for conventional cutlery, the other also for larger cutlery. A basket system that is flexible for dishwashers is particularly useful if you want to prevent the cutlery from sticking to one another or from becoming entangled and not being cleaned properly.

4. Are there dishwasher tests at Stiftung Warentest?

There are high-quality dishwashers from various manufacturers.

In the current dishwasher test by Stiftung Warentest, dishwashers from various manufacturers were carefully examined. Including well-known brands such as Miele, Bosch, AEG, Siemens and Bauknecht.

They were tested by the consumers themselves who tested household appliances, including 9800 dishwashers, in daily use with regard to susceptibility to failure, value for money and general satisfaction.

The dishwasher test showed that Miele appliances emerged as the dishwasher test winner. 74% of consumers state that they definitely recommend their Miele dishwasher to others. Bosch dishwashers also do pretty well with a recommendation of 61%. While the Siemens dishwasher can also be seen with a positive rating of 49%, the AEG dishwasher is a bit behind in the dishwasher test 2018 with 40% recommendation.

In addition to brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Miele and Bauknecht, smaller manufacturers' brands were also subjected to the dishwasher test and can be found in the lower places.

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In summary, it can be said that In the dishwasher comparison, the high-priced brands such as Bosch dishwashers and Siemens dishwashers were clearly convincing, which is due not least to the high-quality workmanship of the devices.

The dishwasher test shows that the Miele brand machines are clearly the test winners.

The machines from Bauknecht and AEG come in last in the large dishwasher testwhich were criticized by the buyers as having a comparatively high susceptibility to failure.

As a decision-making aid, you can read through the dishwasher test from Stiftung Warentest again at your leisure.

5. The most important questions and answers about the dishwasher comparison

5.1. How does a dishwasher work?

Thanks to the sophisticated technology, dishwashers clean the dishes thoroughly.

A dishwasher is a square-shaped housing that runs on electricity and cleans cutlery and dishes with water and makes them shine. Floats and sensors are built into every dishwasher to monitor the turbidity level of the water as well as the supply of dishwashing salt, rinse aid and fresh water.

After filling the dishwasher, water is let in and thrown onto the dishes at high pressure via the "propellers", which removes leftover food and dirt. The dirt is rinsed off and disappears through a sieve at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Then the drying process starts, which allows the water to evaporate through the heat.

5.2. How much water does a dishwasher use?

How much water a modern dishwasher uses depends on the efficiency of the device.
Consumption ranges from 9 liters (Miele dishwasher) to 18 liters (AEG Elektrolux dishwasher) per wash cycle.

Short programs in particular should be used with caution because they consume around a third more water than a wash cycle in the economy program. Many models have a practical aquastop functionthat switches off the water in the event of a malfunction to prevent flooding.

5.3. How many watts does a dishwasher have?

Power consumption and performance are important decision criteria when buying a dishwasher. Dishwashers in energy efficiency class A ++ have an output of 3000 watts, which corresponds to an energy requirement of approx. 1.2 kWh per wash cycle.

5.4. What does fully integrated dishwasher mean?

A fully integrated dishwasher can be integrated into an existing kitchen. After installation, a kitchen front is installed in the same color and made of the same material as your kitchen so that the dishwasher no longer looks different from the rest of the furnishings. Fully integrated dishwashers can therefore only be operated when they are open, as the switches are located on the top cover.

5.5. How do I connect a dishwasher?

Cheap dishwashers

... can also work very efficiently and conserve energy. However, in such models, plastic components are often used instead of steel elements, which can have a negative effect on the service life of the dishwasher.

If you want to connect your dishwasher, you should do the following:

  • Connect the drain pipe to the dishwasher
  • Connect the inflow line (best to open and close with a pipe wrench)
  • Connect the dishwasher to a normal 230 volt socket.
  • Check all connections and the dishwasher drain hose for defects

If you find that water is leaking somewhere, retighten the corresponding connections. If you are not familiar with the technology and want to be sure that your dishwasher is professionally connected, contact a specialist.

5.6. How long does a dishwasher last?

As with all technical devices, the service life of a dishwasher depends on the frequency of use, maintenance and care. High quality branded products can be in use for up to 12 years.

As always, a lot depends on the usage requirements and the lime content of the water. It is also important that the collecting sieve and the seals are cleaned regularly. A damp cloth is usually sufficient for this.

Tip: To care for your dishwasher, we recommend leaving the door open for about an hour after each use so that the dishwasher can cool down and the components are protected from rust and mold for longer. In between, you can also use a dishwasher detergent in the form of dishwasher tablets.

6. Further details on the products examined

Find out in the following sections how the dishwashers performed overall and read on COMPUTER BILD * how the products were rated by the editorial team.

6.1. FAQ and further details on the Miele G6730 SCi

productMiele G6730 SCi
pricefrom € 1094.99 »Now on Amazon
Customer ratings3.8 stars from 7 reviews

Awarded the “VERY GOOD” rating: The Miele G6730 SCi wins in the dishwasher test or comparison on COMPUTER BILD *.

Accordingly, the manufacturer Miele is known for a high level of quality and additional functions. At 1094.99 euros, the Miele G6730 SCi is a more expensive model, but worth its price.

In the search for the best dishwasher, the Miele G6730 SCi was able to convince with useful product features such as "separate upper / lower basket washing" and "very good washing results & drying".

This is also confirmed by consumers, because the Miele G6730 SCi achieved a total of 3.8 stars from 7 customers.

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Does the Miele G6730 SCi have interior lighting?
The Miele G6730 SCi has no interior lighting. However, this is not necessary as the baskets and cutlery drawer can be pulled out completely.
How energy saving is the Miele G6730 SCi?
The hot water connection saves up to 50% electricity and thanks to FlexiTimer with ExoStart, the Miele G6730 SCi is 10% more economical than the energy efficiency class A +++.
What are the special features of the Miele G6730 SCi?
With the automatic program of the Miele G6730 SCi you only need 6.5 l, the basket design with patented 3D cutlery drawer offers flexibility and space for storage. In addition, the model cleans glasses particularly gently and the "QuickPowerWash" program cleans in less than an hour.
What are the technical data of the Miele G6730 SCi?
The Miele G6730 SCi is a partially integrated dishwasher with the dimensions 81 x 60 x 57 cm, it has 6 programs and space for 14 place settings. The annual energy consumption is 213 kWh, the water consumption 2716 l.

6.2. FAQ and further details on the Siemens SN436S00KE

productSiemens SN436S00KE
pricefrom € 444.99 »Now on Amazon
Customer ratings3.7 stars from 159 reviews

In the dishwasher test or-Comparison on COMPUTER BILD *, the Siemens SN436S00KE dishwasher received the title “price-performance winner”.

You can also purchase the Siemens SN436S00KE for 444.99 euros from the middle price segment from the manufacturers mentioned in the dishwasher test or comparison.

Furthermore, according to our editors, the positive advantages of the Siemens SN436S00KE include the following features: "Very good washing results & drying" or "Adjustable basket and drawer".

The high number of reviews submitted for the Siemens SN436S00KE is also particularly noticeable. 159 buyers have already rated the dishwasher.

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How high is the consumption (energy and water) of the Siemens SN436S00KE?
The Siemens SN436S00KE has the energy efficiency class A ++, an annual energy consumption of 262 kWh and an annual water consumption of 2100 l.
How big is the Siemens SN436S00KE and how much space does it offer?
The Siemens SN436S00KE measures 59.8 x 57.3 x 81.5 cm and has space for 13 place settings.
What practical functions does the Siemens SN436S00KE bring with it?
The Siemens SN436S00KE has, among other things, fast rinsing and drying, a cleaning program in 20 minutes, an additional loading level for up to 14 place settings in total and a one-hour program when fully loaded.
Does the Siemens SN436S00KE have a front cover included in the scope of delivery?
The Siemens SN436S00KE is partially integrated. It is a built-in device for the substructure that is supplied without a front panel. You can get a suitable front panel from your kitchen manufacturer.

6.3. FAQ and further details about the Beko DIN28330

productBeko DIN28330
pricefrom 448,95 € »Now on Amazon
Customer ratings3.2 stars from 12 reviews

The Beko DIN28330 emerged from the dishwasher test and comparison on COMPUTER BILD * without a title, but rated “GOOD”.

The Beko DIN28330 is a mid-price product that can be purchased for € 448.95.

Furthermore, according to the editors, the following important features speak in favor of buying the Beko DIN28330: "Also cleans baking trays" and "particularly quiet device".

The assessment of 12 buyers on Amazon is also similar to our values, because the Beko DIN28330 receives an average of 3.2 stars.

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Does the Beko DIN28330 have a cutlery drawer or a cutlery basket?
The delivery scope of the model includes both a cutlery drawer and a cutlery basket.
What material is the interior of the Beko DIN28330 made of?
The interior of the dishwasher is made of stainless steel. This makes the device particularly high-quality, easy to clean and quiet in use.
Where does the Beko DIN28330 show when the program is over?
The Beko DIN28330 has a so-called ActiveSpot, i.e. a light projection on the floor that shows when the program is ready.
Can I also use the Beko DIN28330 as a free-standing device?
No, the Beko DIN28330 is a fully integrable model and is therefore intended for installation in a furniture front.

6.4. FAQ and further details on the Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X

productBauknecht BBC 3C26 X
pricefrom 408.95 € »Now on Amazon
Customer ratings3.6 stars from 85 reviews

In addition, the Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X received the grade “GOOD” in our dishwasher test or comparison.

You can also purchase the Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X for 408.95 euros from the medium price segment under the brands mentioned in the dishwasher test or comparison.

The Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X was also able to convince in the dishwasher test or comparison with important functions such as “very good washing results & drying” or “upper basket height-adjustable”.

Ultimately, you can also draw on the experiences of other users. 85 users come in their reviews of the Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X on Amazon to a total of 3.6 stars.

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How big is the Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X?
The Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X measures 55.5 x 59.8 x 82 cm and has space for a total of 14 place settings. However, it does not contain a cutlery drawer.
How energy efficient is the Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X?
The Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X has the energy efficiency class A ++, an annual energy consumption of 265 kWh and an annual water consumption of 2520 l.
What useful functions does the Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X have
The multi-zone cleaning of the Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X cleans specific specific areas, a sensor regulates the consumption and temperature of the water and the full water protection prevents water damage.
What are the special features of the Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X?
With the express program of the Bauknecht BBC 3C26 X, lightly soiled dishes are cleaned within 30 minutes, and germs and bacteria are eliminated with an additional hygiene option.

6.5. FAQ and further details on the Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X

productBauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X
pricefrom 228 € »Now to Amazon
Customer ratings4 stars from 1 reviews

Despite the missing title, you are making the right choice with the Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X - our editorial team gave it the rating “GOOD”.

In addition, a product from the middle price segment from Bauknecht should not be missing in a dishwasher test, as this manufacturer offers dishwashers at different prices. For 228 euros you get good quality at a good price from this manufacturer.

Countless customers and our editors have come to appreciate not only the grade and price of the Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X;

The search for the best product shows the satisfaction of the 1 customers. The bottom line was that the Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X received 4 stars from them.

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How much space does the Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X take and offer?
The Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X measures 82 x 60 x 60 cm and offers a total of 14 place settings.
How high is the energy consumption of the Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X?
The Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X belongs to the energy efficiency class A ++. It consumes 265 kWh of energy and 1680 liters of water annually.
How does the Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X stand out positively?
The Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X delivers very good washing results, is very well made and is a particularly quiet device.
What special functions does the Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X have?
The Bauknecht BFO 3T323 P6M X has a. via an express program, a night wash program and sensor technology to save water and energy, which means that only 6 l are used per wash cycle in the normal program.

6.6. FAQ and further details on the Bauknecht BFC 3C26

productBauknecht BFC 3C26
pricefrom € 354.99 »Now on Amazon
Customer ratings4.1 stars from 70 reviews

The Bauknecht BFC 3C26 did not earn a title in the dishwasher test or comparison with the “GOOD” award, but it did achieve a good ranking.

Therefore, when buying a dishwasher, both quality and price play a role. The producer Bauknecht shows its strengths especially when it comes to price, because at 354.99 euros it offers an affordable entry into the world of dishwashers.

Furthermore, according to our editorial team, the positive advantages of the Bauknecht BFC 3C26 include the following functions: "Good washing results" or "separate lower basket washing".

The bottom line is that the buyers give 4.1 stars to the Bauknecht BFC 3C26 and can thus support you in your decision.

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What programs and temperature does the Bauknecht BFC 3C26 have?
The Bauknecht BFC 3C26 has seven programs, including: a night and day program as well as a sensor program.
How high is the consumption of the Bauknecht BFC 3C26?
The Bauknecht BFC 3C26 has an annual energy consumption of 265 kWh, an annual water consumption of 2520 l and is part of the energy efficiency class A ++.
What are the dimensions of the Bauknecht BFC 3C26 and how much space does it offer?
The Bauknecht BFC 3C26 is a partially integrated dishwasher with the dimensions 55.5 x 59.8 x 82 cm. It offers space for a total of 14 place settings, the upper basket is height adjustable.
What useful functions does the Bauknecht BFC 3C26 have?
The Bauknecht BFC 3C26 has, among other things, sensor technology that adapts the water consumption to the degree of pollution, as well as full water protection to avoid water damage and a multiple zone cleaning function.
Siemens SN436S00LE iQ300
Currently available from € 532.50
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Energy efficiency classE.
Installation typeBuilt-under unit
What is the annual consumption data of the dishwasher?The annual energy consumption is around 262 kilowatt hours and the annual water consumption is 2100 liters.
Currently available for € 498.94
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Energy efficiency classE.
Installation typePartly integrated device
How well can the dishes be safely distributed in the dishwasher without falling over?The upper basket of the AEG FEB52600ZM dishwasher has two SoftSpikes and four foldable cup racks and the lower basket has two foldable plate holders. A cutlery basket is also part of the dishwasher.

Which are the best dishwashers from our dishwasher test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal dishwasher test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): Siemens SN436S00LE iQ300 - from 532.50 euros
  • 2nd place - very good: Bosch SMV4HVX31E Series 4 - from 482.00 euros
  • 3rd place - very good: Siemens SN47YS01CE iQ700 undercounter dishwasher - from 995.00 euros
  • 4th place - very good: Bosch SMS6ZCW00E Series 6 free-standing - from 732.19 euros
  • 5th place - good: AEG FEB52600ZM - from 498.94 euros
  • 6th place - good: Siemens SR61IX05KE iQ100 - from 508.00 euros
  • 7th place - good: Beko DFN15420W dishwasher freestanding - from 320.00 euros
  • 8th place - good: Bosch SPV4HMX61E Series 4 - from 672.12 euros
  • 9th place - good: Beko DFN26420S - from 349.00 euros
  • 10th place - satisfactory: Bosch SMV24AX00E Series 2 - from 379.00 euros

In total, 4 "very good" dishwashers, 5 "good" dishwashers and only one dishwasher model that scored "satisfactory" could be compiled for the dishwasher comparison.

The variety of products from the manufacturer Bosch includes more than just one excellent product. 4 of the 10 "good" and "very good" dishwashers from the comparison table above for the dishwasher comparison can be assigned to the known brand.

More information "

How many different manufacturers can I choose between when comparing dishwashers?

Overall, we would like to introduce you to 4 different manufacturers in a dishwasher comparison. More precisely, the experts compared and evaluated models from Siemens, Bosch, AEG or Beko. More information "

What is the price range for the dishwasher models?

It depends entirely on your budget whether you opt for the cheapest dishwasher for 320.00 euros or the most expensive dishwasher for 995.00 euros. More information under dishwasher test. More information "

Which dishwasher have previous customers rated particularly well?

Customers have repeatedly rated the Bosch SMV4HVX31E Series 4 - the average value of the best rated Bosch SMV4HVX31E Series 4 is 4.6 stars. More information "

Which of the dishwashers in the dishwasher comparison were rated "VERY GOOD"?

The editorial team rated the following models as "VERY GOOD":

  • Siemens SN436S00LE iQ300
  • Bosch SMV4HVX31E series 4
  • Siemens SN47YS01CE iQ700 undercounter dishwasher
  • Bosch SMS6ZCW00E Series 6 freestanding
More information "

Which dishwashers are included in the dishwasher comparison?

The editorial team has examined and rated 10 different dishwasher models for you. The products examined include:

  • Bosch SMV24AX00E series 2
  • Beko DFN26420S
  • Bosch SPV4HMX61E series 4
  • Beko DFN15420W dishwasher freestanding
  • Siemens SR61IX05KE iQ100
  • AEG FEB52600ZM
  • Bosch SMS6ZCW00E Series 6 freestanding
  • Siemens SN47YS01CE iQ700 undercounter dishwasher
  • Bosch SMV4HVX31E series 4
  • Siemens SN436S00LE iQ300
More information "

Which other products, similar to those from the dishwasher comparison, are recommended to customers?

We recommend dishwashers as well as dishwashers, dishwashers and dishwashers. More information "