Which game is more popular than Fortnite

Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Roblox, Minecraft - the current hit games for children

Brawl Stars is a comic-style strategy and shooting game ("Shooter"). You play "live" (in real time and online) against other players. At the beginning the player only has one character: Shelly. Like all other characters, this one is a so-called brawler. First the "jewel hunt" is played. Gradually, other game worlds or game modes are added, for example the robbery of the safe or the bounty hunt.

Alone or in a team, the brawlers then fight against others. Rewards are available for eliminating an opponent and winning a game round: special attacks, additional game modes, coins, jewels, trophies - and you can move up to the higher league.

Stronger and more valuable brawlers are obtained through the brawl boxes. These are lucky boxes (also called "loot boxes") that you can buy with jewels. You get jewels as a reward in the game, but also for cash. However, the end of the game does not know which prizes are in the boxes. Rarer and more sought-after brawlers can usually be found in the large, expensive boxes. (In some countries, for example in Belgium, the sale of such lucky boxes has been banned.) Parents should be careful here and accompany younger children in particular.

Strangers can also contact the child via the unmoderated chat. Therefore, a minimum age of 10 or 11 years is appropriate for this game (with close parental guidance). The game manufacturer even speaks of a minimum age of 14 years for all of its game apps in its terms of use.