What are parent trainers


Parent training serves to strengthen parenting skills and the parent-child relationship.
The aim of the parent training is to provide parents with very specific help in dealing with problem behavior of their children. They learn to see the often difficult behavior of their children from a different point of view. This new perspective leads to a changed attitude towards the child. The child feels this change and in turn reacts positively. Setting boundaries, communicating properly and promoting children's strengths through encouragement are further milestones on the way to becoming one
more harmonious family life. The parents are actively involved in the development of parenting strategies.
Between the sessions, the parents are also given homework to try out the new strategies, gain experience with them and then discuss them in the next session.

Contents of the parent training
- What is ADD / ADHD?
- How does ADD / ADHD affect behavior?
- What can I expect from my child and what not?
- Strengthen the relationship with the child
- Recognize and promote positive things
- Avoid difficult situations
- Solve conflicts
- Communicate effectively
- Find and enforce rules
- Praise and punishment in education
- Reward systems (point plans)
- Keep an eye on your own needs
- Do homework with an AD (H) D child
- Exchange of experiences with other parents

If necessary, can also Individual training be performed.

In individual training:

Together with the parents, a definition of the behavior problems of the child in the family, which should be reduced by the training, takes place. In addition to the description of the problem behavior, this step also contains a rough record of the frequency of the problem and the stress that the problem represents for the parents or the family.

Development of a joint disruption concept with the parents, which particularly takes up typical everyday interactions in the family (vicious circles).

The goals of the training are worked out and defined and a hierarchy is created.

With a one-to-one training there is the possibility to respond individually to your needs. The costs are 35 € / hour.

On request, you can get an additional appointment - parenting counseling (at least 2.5 hours)

Cost: 30-50 euros

- Preliminary talk without a child
- Observation phase at your home

- Communication in the family, relationship level, hierarchy,
- rules, - consequences, structures, homework situation,
- Leisure time retreats etc.
- Evaluation date