Could HAARP have caused the recent hurricanes

Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Timelines and the Ascension


1 Background Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Timelines and the Ascension [translated from English] --daniel I heard exopolitics expert Alfred Lambremont say on a radio broadcast 1 that the negative timeline is a kind of synthetic quantum environment created by the extraterrestrial race of the Grays the horror] is orchestrated, and that this negative timeline is completely invented. Having worked as a technician on the Phoenix III project (better known as the time travel aspect of the Montauk project) I know firsthand what happened and what they tried there and it seems like they are part of the one in these Use knowledge gained from experiments for applications in the field of geoengineering. In the 20 years that have passed since these experiments, I have learned a lot and decided to look at it all again in the context of the new information from Dewey Larson's Physical Theory of the Reciprocal System. Reciprocal System of Physical Theory]. 2 Phoenix III was a secret program investigating the nature of time, whether it could be tampered with, and if so, how it would work. The short answer, without going into too much detail here, 3 is that those involved did not get any real understanding of time other than realizing that time is not what conventional physics takes it to be. Even so, they managed to make use of some of the technologies they acquired to experiment with time in the past and the future. To gain access to the time, a navigational computer with a faster than light propulsion system was used to open a portal from which a visual image could be taken. In later experiments a way was also found to send living organisms through this portal to another time, but this was very dangerous and rarely worked as expected. Due to their nature, the equipment used could only be used by people with pronounced psionic abilities (Psycher [1] who were trained in precognition). One of the problems with these time travel experiments was something like a threshold in the transition from 2012 to 2013 (conventional calendar), which at the time seemed like the psycher who operated the chair was creating some kind of artificial reality. The experts could not explain this, but assumed that it was essentially a realistic look at this time period, because quite a number of psychologists who were sent at this time period came back with very similar information. In retrospect, it seems more like a synthetic quantum environment, as described by Lambremont, rather than a natural one, which could explain why it froze at some point every time. With what we know today, it can be said that much of what Lambremont discussed during this radio broadcast is very true. Studies of the strange weather seen around the world (including its effects: red rain, abiotic stress in plants with sudden death, extremely high levels of radiation, and ultraviolet light, to name a few examples) lead to the 1 Global Voice Radio Episode, Are You on the Catastrophic or Positive Timeline ?, August 8 Reciprocal System of Theory website: originally published in 1959 in the book, The Structure of the Physical Universe. The Structure of the Physical Universe]. The reciprocal system is a theory of everything based on two simple principles that create the observable universe as a natural consequence. It has had some notable successes, e.g. predicting the existence of quasars four years before they were actually discovered. 3 The details are in the document, time and timelines. [1] Note d. Translator: Because there is no concise German equivalent to the English word psychic and the description person with psychic powers or psychic gifted person is not a solution in the long run, in the following it is simply translated with the word psycher (psychic would be misleading because of its other meanings) . The content of this document is subject to the public domain and may be reproduced and distributed without permission.

2 2 Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Timelines and the Rise It's just what is happening and it's directly related to the old Montauk project. This interpretation explains chemtrails, HAARP, geoengineering, underground cities, genetic experiments, and even the timelines and the coming ascent to higher density. 4 These relationships are not recognized by conventional science, which is due to various misconceptions that are regarded as facts. 5 With the information from Dewey Larson's books, Universe of Motion and Beyond Space and Time [Ger. Universe of motion; Beyond space and time], as well as from the articles based on it by Prof. KVK Nehru about the nature of the interior of stars and about sunspots 6, what is happening now begins to make a lot of sense. If you think politicians are hiding information, think about scientists! Most of what happens is in response to a bigger event. Find the cause and the effects start to make sense. Let's start with the most obvious impact: climate change. And to do this we have to look at the main influencing factor - sunlight and the sun from which it comes. The star evolution is upside down! In Reciprocal System (RS) physics, Larson introduces a better atomic model based on the concept of scalar motion, which as a natural consequence of this model establishes two destruction limits for atoms: a heat limit and an age limit. The heat limit is the known limit in thermonuclear reactions, but the age limit is unknown in conventional science and concerns the trapping of charged electron neutrinos by the atoms that build isotopic mass. 7 When the age limit is reached, 8 an element becomes radioactive and explodes. When Larson applied these concepts to astronomy, he discovered a different mechanism for stellar combustion based on these limits. Combustion is based on exploding atoms, fission, not fusion, and this led to the conclusion that astronomers understand the evolution of stars and galaxies upside down! In the book Universe of Motion 9, Larson shows what happens when you reverse the evolution of the stars, so red giants are the youngest and blue giants are the oldest. The reverse evolution results in a thoroughly logical and consistent evolutionary pattern that eliminates a number of concepts with which conventional astronomy tries to bring logic into its interpretations; Things like dark matter, dark energy, black holes, quark stars, neutron stars ... if you arrange the sequence correctly, they are all just different stages in a unified, consistent, stellar evolutionary process. As a consequence of correcting the stellar evolution, some conclusions are different from the general doctrine: Stars initially arise as large dust clouds, condense into red supergiants, orange giants, yellow and then white stars of the main sequence, then blue giants, then supernova. It is the same process as when heating metal, which first glows red and finally becomes hot and blue and breaks. 4 We (the scientific underground) prefer the term density instead of dimension when we describe the increasing complexity of organisms, because the number of spatial (yang) dimensions does not change the number of available temporal (yin) dimensions, however, what to leads to a compression that has similarities with the physical understanding of density. 5 Some of the misconceptions are: the wrong direction of star evolution, the omission of 3-dimensional time, the omission of the cosmic sector (the universe of antimatter), and the nature of radioactive radiation and X-rays. 6 KVK, Nehru, Glimpses into the Structure of the Sun Series; Reciprocity XVII, # 2 (Fall 1988), Part 1, The Nature of Stellar Matter and Reciprocity XVIII, # 1 (Winter, 1988), Part 2, The Solar Interior and the Sunspots. 7 Larson, Dewey B., Basic Properties of Matter, Chapter 24, Isotopes. 8 Larson calls it an age limit because the atomic process is similar to aging. The capture of neutrinos is inevitable and irreversible over time, which ultimately makes the isotopic mass larger than the structure of the atom allows, whereupon the atom dies from a temporal explosion, which can be observed in space as radioactive radiation. 9 Larson, Dewey B., Universe of Motion, Chapter 4, The Giant Star Cycle.

3 The sun warms up in quantum leaps, not in a gentle change. 3 Since stars are formed from dust and debris, the hotter the more of them is available. As David Wilcock has shown in the past, planetary moons leave traces all over the solar system, suggesting that we are in a dusty area of ​​space. With all of the dust and debris available as stellar fuel, the Sun will grow in size and get hotter, going from a Class-G (yellow) star to a Class-F (yellow-white) star. Because our system of long-term dating is based on the assumption that radioactive elements were formed when the earth was formed, i.e. not regularly produced, our system is vastly wrong over the geological ages. Astronomical events happen a thousand times faster than astronomers think. Our planet and solar system are nowhere near as old as is claimed, and humanity has seen changes in the sun in the past. If one considers these consequences of correctly placed stellar evolution, one conclusion is obvious: Global warming has nothing to do with puffing cows, but with the fact that the sun is getting hotter and will get hotter all the time. 10 The sun warms up in quantum leaps, not in a gentle change. In the reciprocal system everything is quantized in discrete units. This also applies to the destruction limit - the stars do not get evenly hotter, but tend to maintain a certain temperature and then suddenly jump into a new temperature range when the magnetic ionization level increases (which defines the age limit). That is why we have a unique color-temperature classification system for identifying the stars. The individual jumps are particularly easy to see if you look at a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram with the correct evolutionary sequence, in which stars develop from red supergiants to orange giants and then to main sequence stars. Clear areas on the graph with only a few stars in between. In the earlier stages of heating the cracks are larger than in the later stages, this is also evident there. 11 Astronomers keep giant stars separate from dwarf stars because they do not recognize that stars heat up in quantum leaps and condense, they suspect a continuous change and therefore overlook the connection. Radioactivity: acceleration to faster than light speeds The conventional understanding of radioactive elements needs some revision. If you accelerate matter to faster than light speed (OCT) in the RS, it becomes radioactive. It emits radio waves while it ejects particles. That is why it is also called radioactive. It has to do with the fact that the isotopic zone of stability reverses as soon as one exceeds the speed of light. Atomic explosions inside a star are powerful enough to cause movements beyond the speed of light, something that cannot be achieved electromagnetically in particle accelerators. Take U-236, for example. Uranium is element number 92, its natural mass is 184 (double the element number) and the remaining 52 mass units are isotopic mass, an accumulation of mass (neutrinos) that makes up the 236 isotope = 236. As soon as U-236 is accelerated to faster than light, the reversal takes place and the stable range is then = 132. The atom must drop 104 mass units (2x52) to be stable at faster than light. This shedding of isotopic mass is radioactive radiation. 10 At around minute 9 in the episode Global Warming of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory (Season 1, Episode 3), he interviews a reclusive climate scientist who has come to the same conclusion that it is the sun, not humans, that is causing global warming. 11 Has to do with how magnetic ionization affects the elements as a power function of the 2nd degree. Without ionization, the elements up to 118 are stable. With an ionization unit, everything from uranium up to 27 becomes radioactive elements, which is the current ionization level of the earth. At two units, everything from gold upwards becomes radioactive only 13 more elements are added to the fuel source, and from there it continues to decrease.

4 Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Timelines, and Ascension Let's go back to the days of Bob Lazar and his claim that Element 115 was used in UFO propulsion ... well, Element 115 is natural Mass of 230 and an estimated mass of 288, that is, there are 58 units of isotopic mass. Element 115 is very unstable below the speed of light, but only has a mass of 172 at faster than light speeds completely stable. However, pull it out of the reactor and you will be bombarded with X-rays to the point that you glow in the dark. Therefore, OCT drives are never switched off. What brings me to the reciprocal process Matter that sinks from faster than light to below light speed (ULG). X-rays: from faster than light to slower than light When OCT matter sinks to slower than light, it has to regain the isotopic mass that it lost. At U-236, the mass was only 132 at faster than light speed. When it drops back to less than light speed, the mass has to rise again to 236 amu, which is reverse radioactive radiation, so to speak, on the other side of the speed limit of light - the atom absorbs particles and sends out x-rays, not Radio waves as it rebuilds its mass. All elements whose movement sinks from above light to below light speed emit X-rays, and all astronomical X-ray emitters also demonstrate this process in our sun. The only sublight speeds in the sun are in the photosphere. As soon as you go deeper, the magnetic ionization level is much higher and the age limit destructions accelerate the matter constantly to faster than light speeds, which is why the lower layers of the photosphere are a radio source - it is the limit to the OCT movement. Every now and then the Sun belches 12 and some OCT matter gets out of the core into the photosphere, where it instantly cools and sinks to sub-light speed, generating a bunch of X-rays and rapidly expanding plasma - a coronal mass ejection (KMA). Because of the reciprocal relationship, the OCT movement expands in time, so it condenses in space. When it sinks below the speed of light, this compression expands again like a spatial explosion. So KMAs are a good indicator of how turbulent the core is at faster than light speeds. So now you know that the reciprocal process to radioactive radiation is X-rays, and that both have to do with crossing the OCT border (OCT movement in 3D space to OEL movement in 3D time). The OCT acceleration produces radioactivity, the deceleration produces X-rays. The Sun Shift Time to create an overall picture ... the sun is getting hotter from all the dust and debris that is currently in our solar system. 13 The increased fuel will raise the heat destruction limit, causing a corresponding increase in the magnetic ionization level, making more elements available for the stellar combustion process - the sun will get brighter and hotter. At first this will be visible in the form of bright flashes of light 14, like mini-novae, until enough material is available to hold the magnetic ionization level on the next quantum leap. When that happens, the sun is suddenly described in star class 12 in detail in Prof. KVK Nehru's document, Glimpses into the Structure of the Sun. See footnote The reason for the excess dust in the solar system is not clear, but astronomers have known for 50 years that it would come. New Agers think it is the photon belt, but it is more likely just cosmic nebula or a protostar that crosses the plane of our solar system.Since our sun, part of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, crosses the plane of the Milky Way, something like this is very likely. 14 These bright flashes of the sun have been observed at higher altitudes since 2010, where the atmosphere is thinner and there is no pollution or smog layer. The increased intensity (flash) lasts for several minutes to several hours and tends to behave like a laser and wreak havoc on a small area, causing the sudden death of plants and trees (the leaves are toasted into chips ) or the bursting of draft shields.

5 After the transformation 5 ascend and remain that way. (Well, ascending in the reciprocal system and descending in conventional astronomy, since they have it upside down.) The transformation should be interesting. As the sun's magnetic ionization level rises, it will be like pouring a mug of gasoline on top of the charcoal - an outburst of flames and thermal activity so strong that thermal speeds are accelerated to faster than light. This inverse thermal emission occurs even often on a smaller scale, which is documented in detail in Prof. KVK Nehru's document Glimpses into the Structure of the Sun: The Solar Interior and the Sunspots, and is the reason why sunspots are dark and appear cool . Inverse (OCT) heat movement is super-hot, so hot that it appears cold and the affected region of the sun becomes dark like in the umber of sunspots. There are already signs that this is starting to happen. 15 Only this time the complete sun will become an umber. There should be a bright flash of light like a nova when the gasoline hits the fire (after the jump of the magnetic ionization level, additional elements will suddenly be available as fuel), then the sun will be dark as if it had run out. However, this will only last for a short time until the initial burst of the new fuel has burned up and the sun returns to the zone of stability. Like most things, this has happened before 16 and will happen again. Also think of the radioactive changes. As the magnetic ionization increases, there will be a huge pile of radio waves as the material accelerates to faster than light, along with the nova glow. Then the sun will get dark OCT motion and when it gets light again there will be a huge bunch of x-rays emanating from the sun and a possible expulsion of a large amount of matter from the surface of the sun due to the re-expansion of the OCT thermal movement back to sublight speed. After the Change After the Change is complete, the sun will be physically bigger, brighter (more white than yellow) and hotter than before, and it will stay that way. One would think that this would roast the inner planets like marshmallows over a campfire. But interestingly, that's not the case. It seems that whoever created the stars and planets had this in mind, for the energy of the shift is being used to aid the further evolution of life. What will happen is that because of the increased OCT movement within the sun, the gravitational balance in the solar system will change. OCT movement is anti-gravitational, the sun will literally push the planets further outwards to compensate for this, the year will be longer. 17 In the new position further from the sun, the planet will survive and one new ecosystem will create another. The changes in the sun will also cause changes in the planets, particularly in the electromagnetic alignment of the poles. As noted in the geological records, the north and south poles of the planets were in multiple locations around the globe, not because the poles move, but because the planet's crust moves relative to the mantle and core. It is also very likely that this will trigger a core eruption, an expansion of the OCT matter in the core, which sinks to sub-light speed, causing the earth's crust to expand and open at tectonic boundaries, adding more surface to the earth and compensating for a drop in sea level leads. 18 In my view, this solar transformation is the harvest or the ascent to a new level for life on earth not only for humanity but for all life on earth. All 15 NASA spots giant, triangle-shaped dark spot on sun 16 The mythological reference to the three days of darkness could have its origin here. 17 In mythology it is often mentioned that this happened a few times, from the 260 days a year, to the 360 ​​to today's Peret, Bruce, At the Earth's Core: The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution, Reciprocity XXVII, 1 (spring, 1998).

6 6 Geoengineering, chemtrails, HAARP, world orders, timelines and the rise of physical properties are then a point sharper. kicked up a notch], as Emeril would say, what is commonly known as a higher density or higher dimension. A Hot Time in the Old World If you were NASA, the National Aeronautical and Space Agency, or in power and knew that the sun was getting hotter, 19 but you didn't know the details because you were listening to conventional scientists and their inverted stellar evolution what would you do Most likely, you'd develop a long-term strategy to deal with the extra heat. In the 1950s this question was raised in a study and three possible answers were found: 1. Use nuclear weapons to shoot holes in the upper atmosphere to let the increasing heat escape. 2. Build large underground cities to live there until the sun has stabilized 3. Moving away from the earth The first option was a bit absurd and could not have been done without the public's knowledge, so they worked on the second and third options. The underground bunker approach was simple enough as one of the uses of HAARP, 20 the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. high-frequency active aurora research program], consists in searching for oil and mineral resources far below the surface of the earth. However, large cavities can also be found, which are ideal for cities in which one can entrench oneself with enough supplies and thus comfortably survive the change. 21 Construction of these underground bunkers has been going on for decades and Alternative 2 is nearing completion. NASA was founded shortly after this study was published, some believe as a direct consequence of Alternative 3. Their mission was to find out what was out there, and what they found was that humanity was going nowhere for the foreseeable future. 22 Since alternative 3 wasn't a real option, and knowing that they were stuck here with the rest of us and didn't necessarily want to spend their entire lives underground, they had to find a way to create their utopia on earth and that is geoengineering. To transform this planet to be resistant to the changes in the sun they knew were occurring and to continue their corporate rule 23. Geoengineering: Adapting the Planet First they had to react to the fact that the sun is getting much brighter due to the burning of dust and debris, which are now present in significant quantities in the solar system. They had to find a way to trigger a global blackout to block out the bright light. Aluminum, a nice, light, and abundant element, works relatively well for this. Most of our mirrors are now also coated with aluminum (not silver). Nanoparticles in 19 Larson gave a lot of lectures at NASA in the 1960s when they were trying to venture into space so it's very likely they know what's going on; at least at the higher levels. 20 After it was discovered that the ionosphere was extremely reactive to HAARP transmissions, the project was militarized (see US Pat. No. 4,686,605, Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and / or magnetosphere) Apparatus for changing a region in the Earth's atmosphere, the ionosphere, and / or the magnetosphere]) and can now be used to create ionospheric lenses that can be used to focus the sun's rays on a specific region, thereby increasing local temperatures rise on the surface, in the ocean or in the atmosphere. This updraft creates a low pressure system at low altitude and a high pressure system at high altitude and can be used to alter the flow of weather patterns. 21 Alex Jones of reported that these underground cities were big enough for people with supplies for 30 years. 22 What they found out there is covered in a separate document. Humanity is anything but alone and by no means a welcome guest. 23 [engl. corporatocracy]

7 Geoengineering: Adjusting the planet 7 Tropopause distributed (about 11 km high 24) would increase the albedo of the earth and turn the upper atmosphere into a partially reflective mirror. 25 This causes a global darkening on the surface. The next problem is the emission of X-rays. The Van Allen Belt protects the earth from most of the particle radiation emanating from the KMAs, but this magnetic field can barely stop the X-rays. Fortunately, technology became available in the 1950s to address a similar problem, the cathode ray tube. Cathode Ray Tube, CRT]. CRTs were large x-ray emitters aimed directly at the person looking at the screen. To get this technology around, they had to develop something to block the X-rays without affecting the image. They tried lead, but after bombarding this with X-rays for a while, the lead film turned brown and ruined the picture. It was OK for the sides of the tube, but not for the screen. After further research, they found some oxides that were excellent at blocking X-rays while remaining functional for a long time without turning brown. This was a combination of barium and strontium. 26 They also expect large particle radiation from KMAs and the heating of the sun, so they looked for a way to increase the magnetic flux in the upper atmosphere, which is now known as magnetic reconnection, not a natural phenomenon. Aluminum, barium and strontium are paramagnetic and what really needed was a ferromagnetic material ... how about another popular metal such as Iron? Might make the sky and rain a little reddish on occasion due to the iron oxide, but you could just declare people who notice this insane. And what does it matter if thunderstorms become much more violent due to the conductive metals in the atmosphere (super cell thunderstorms). People don't even pay attention to such things, right? So they developed a technology to disperse aluminum, barium, strontium and iron in the stratosphere, using more than airplanes 28 that are in the sky at any time of the day or night. All they had to do was develop an aerosol and a fuel additive and let's go.Connect the system for spraying the aerosols with GPS (Global Positioning System) and you can even precisely control where the chemicals are released without the pilots noticing what is actually going on. If you now look at the chemtrail residue in snow, ice and rain, what do you find? Aluminum hydroxide, barium oxide, strontium oxide and iron oxide. The same items listed on climate modification and geoengineering patents. What a coincidence. As for global warming, yes, the planet is getting warmer. But due to the global darkening created by the Chemtrail Project 29, that warming turned into a cool-down even for a short period of time, which is why conspiracy theorists made the whole story of global warming a farce. But if you've been outside recently, it's obvious that the sun is much brighter than it used to be, especially in the mountains, and that chemtrail sunscreen is failing, even if they constantly redouble their efforts to reinforce it. 24 The planes observed spraying chemtrails are usually at a height of 10.5 to 12 km 25 They could not be placed permanently in orbit because the solar radiation evaporates the aluminum and would blow away with the solar wind. 26 CRTs were therefore considered highly toxic if one broke, you had to be careful not to touch the broken glass because it was considered toxic. 27 The abundance of iron provides a good nutrient medium for iron-eating bacteria, especially MAC (mycobacterium avium complex), which is the cause of many of today's breathing problems. A pleasant side effect for the pharmaceutical industry to make even more profits where every aircraft is tracked by transponder - the volume of air traffic is astounding to say the least. 29 Global blackout here on Wikipedia: There is a lot of propaganda there about global blackout, but currently around 20% of the sunlight is blocked.

8 8 Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Timelines and Ascension Experts are well aware that the sun is getting brighter and hotter, but the sun cannot be made to pay CO 2 taxes for causing global warming . But if humans are the cause of global warming, then you have a real cash cow with CO 2 taxes, environmental research, cleaning, breathing taxes, drinking taxes, recycling taxes to put it like Carl Sagan, billions and billions of dollars. The original geoengineering served to create protection from the changes in the sun and was only intended to be a temporary solution until the solar transformation was complete. But as good human friends, the globalists saw a different picture - what if they destroyed the natural cycle and created an artificial one? One in which they would have a supply monopoly? And the only way to survive is to pay their exorbitant prices. Geoengineering and Genetically Modified Organisms Globalists have always benefited from the pain and suffering of others, and this is no exception. They didn't care much about studying the side effects of having tons of these elements dispersed in the atmosphere - they just focused on the immediate need to protect themselves from the solar shift and thought they might address them later too Take care of side effects. But here a significant opportunity arose in the form of disaster, pain and suffering. Some of the major side effects have been droughts and super storms. You can't tilt the seesaw without having extremes. Droughts occur in areas that are heavily sprayed because the nanoparticles in the upper atmosphere form nuclei of condensation for rain, but there are so many nuclei there is never enough water condensing on them that they are heavy enough to fall out of the sky, at least not right away. They just stay up there as water vapor and drift around with the air currents, causing droughts below. Over time, if they have been exposed to enough moisture, they will condense enough to form rain. Due to the considerably higher occurrence of condensation nuclei, there is a much higher rain density than in a natural storm and if it then rains, then it really is a super storm. This creates an unnatural dichotomy; against the wind you have droughts and with the wind you have excessive rain. Nanoparticle water vapor can also be lifted from the sky using RF energy to get things moving and cause condensation and rain. The thermal vibration causes shocks, and shocks tend to unite particles. Experiments of this kind have been undertaken over the years by Arco Power Technologies 30 for weather modification, resulting in the development of HAARP, which had all the tools necessary to do so. These metals in the upper atmosphere made it incredibly easy to control global weather. If you rule the weather, you rule the world. Controlling the world via weather has its own side effects, largely because it tends to poison all life on the planet. In order to keep things going and under their control, the genetic makeup of life had to be changed to be compatible with the new planetary climate, especially aluminum and barium (natural strontium is even healthy and strengthens bones better than calcium). One of the things to keep in mind is that all of this started back in the 50s. It's been going on for a while, and if you think all of the alien cattle mutilations were done with anal probes, think again. Cows Have Blood 30 APTI, Inc., the company that created HAARP, owns the following patents, among others: 5,202,689: Lightweight focusing reflector for space.Ultra-light, focusing space reflector] 5,041,834: Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted [dt. Artificial ionospheric mirror made of plasma that can be tilted] 4,999,637: Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth. Creation of artificial ionization clouds over the earth] 4,873,928: Nucelar-sized explosions without radiation Atomic explosions without radiation]

9 mass extinction and the ascension 9 and organs compatible with homo sapiens. Excellent for genetic experimentation. Once they understood the basics, they moved on with humans to find a better genetic blueprint for humans to live in this new, man-made environment that will continue to exist after the solar transformation. This led to the many UFO stories about human-alien hybrids. It was all just part of the genetic engineering that had to go with geoengineering. If you look at all that crazy UFO stuff over the past 60 years, most of it was nothing more than part of an effort to create an artificial world and population to continue life on Earth in 3rd density after the solar change . And it wasn't just about people. Sustainable sources of food had to be adapted to remain usable in the artificial environment. This is where our good friends from Monsanto come into play with their foods made from genetically modified plants. genetically modified organism, GMO] that are resistant to drought and toxic chemicals. Sure, experiment with the bulk of the population to find the useful genes for the people who deserve them. And make sure you have HIPAA and health care. Healthcare] to get all the genetic data into the computers to see what worked and what didn't. After all, they don't collect mountains of medical data, they protect your privacy! They're really happy with their little man-made realm right now, and they're using all of the stalling tactics at their disposal. The solar shift is already in full swing and all they have to do is distract the masses long enough for it to really kick off so they can lock themselves in their underground bases and let the rest of us burn to death. At least that's what they think. To quote Malcolm of Jurassic Park, Life Finds a Way Mass Extinction and the Rise of Mass Extinction. Extinction Level Events, ELE] is not an end, but simply a time of change. Happened all the time in nature. Happened with the dinosaurs, the hominids, countless millions of insects, beetles and plant species. The latest evaluations show that the number of extinct races has increased a thousandfold in the last century. But they don't just go away, they evolve. And that is what is also supposed to happen to humanity and the other intelligent life forms on earth. (Humanity is just the dominant species, not the only intelligent one.) If globalists hadn't started playing around with geoengineering and genetic engineering just under half a century ago, humanity would already be in a transition phase to a more complex form of life Expression of consciousness in higher density. All of the genetically modified foods we are exposed to on a daily basis, combined with the chemicals used to change the climate, have delayed the onset of certain natural processes. In his book Beyond Space and Time, Dewey Larson speaks about the unit of life, the origins of the living cell and the biological level of existence. 31 One of the more noticeable points about biological makeup is that it mimics stellar behavior - life is made up of a stable combination of matter and antimatter. (Antimatter in the reciprocal system known as cosmic matter, which exists in 3-dimensional time.) This connection also has its components in sub-light speed (spatial body) and super-light speed (temporal mind or soul) and even goes one step further into the realm of ethics and metaphysics therefore also Larson's title, Beyond Space and Time [dt. Beyond space and time]. Life bears remarkable similarities to the various stages of stellar evolution observed by astronomers when the evolutionary direction is corrected. Stars arise from a cloud of dirt; form a body; the infusion of a soul when the condensation of matter 31 Larson, Dewey B., Beyond Space and Time, p

10 10 Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Timelines, and the Rise of OCT Movement Achieved; and ultimate death in the glory of a supernova. Life can be thought of as twin suns, one in space and one in time, linked together in a controlled explosion of energy so that all heat extremes balance each other out. As Delenn of Babylon 5 said, we are stardust 32 and inevitably tied to the stellar and planetary processes of the solar system. We've scratched the surface of these associations with concepts like astrology and metaphysics, but only scratched. The problem that has arisen is that we have been blocked from our genetic makeup for the past 50 years through geoengineering and genetic engineering. The right signals for upgrading the life unit were not received when it was supposed to be, much like the people who wear headphones in the gym and don't see the basketball bouncing towards their face when the others are already passing on! call. Bam, and it hits her out of nowhere. Time to rip people off their headphones and let them hear the warning signs and the signal to upgrade their psyche. There's still hope, but I don't mean from the aliens ... Resetting the Genetic Changes I've done a few anti-genetic engineering experiments myself to see how to germinate a Terminator seed based on the Concepts that I discussed with David Wilcock in 2005 regarding Russian experiments with torsion fields to modify DNA. And I've had some success. When genetically modified organisms are exposed to a torsion field that radiates the DNA of the genetic material, artificial changes are thrown out and the seed reverts to the original DNA code and germinates. Currently only about 15% success rate, but the key point is that it works. And the seeds produced in this way continue to germinate on their own. That alone gives me hope that if the artificial conditions currently being imposed on the planet were removed, life would then be quickly restored to factory condition, the correct signals would be received, and the upgrade process would begin in what is commonly known as Ascension. ascension] is called. After all, the Earth's core is the largest existing torsion field generator on this planet - someone just has to press the reset button. Geoengineering requires genetic modification to maintain the status quo. If this is no longer given, nature will rearrange itself and begin a healing process. The changed atmosphere and the genetically modified organism are perceived by nature as an injury and illness, and it can and will treat these injuries and eliminate the illness if given the opportunity. The globalists must keep inflicting harm on the ecosystem in order to maintain their control over it. If you don't, you will lose control of it and it will begin to evolve back to what it should be. Timelines Regarding these negative and positive timelines that Lambremont and others talk about After so much work on the idea of ​​the reciprocal relationship between space and time, as well as its Far Eastern counterpart, yin-yang, it is now clear that the negative and positive timeline as two Aspects of the evolutionary process need to be considered. It won't be either one or the other, it will be both. The solar transformation must take place because it is a perfectly natural process that is observed throughout the universe. It just needs to be understood that as the sun evolves, so does the life dependent on it, life evolving on all of its planets, moons and everywhere in between. 32 A paraphrase of a remarkable comment by Carl Sagan.

11 Epilogue 11 What is now called the negative timeline is what the globalists want, their artificial environment with total control. If one remains in 3rd density after the solar transformation, these will also be exactly the circumstances that they must have if there is to continue to be life in 3rd density on earth, as the conditions for which they are currently preparing , then will actually exist but only in 3rd density. And it is very likely that this will not last long and that the remaining 3rd density life on earth will either die out or have to be shipped to another planet. (It's based on fear, and they could certainly need an exchange of fire between the good guys and the banksters to keep the fear going. People who live in fear will get stuck in 3rd density.) The positive timeline is that of ascension, where you move into 4th density and beyond. The transformation of the sun provides the necessary energy to move life through this evolutionary process. Admittedly, with the help of Larson's research, I can completely identify the mechanics behind it, right down to the biological development stages. But actually this is not necessary if the evolutionary connection is only becoming apparent. The sun evolves, which causes the planets to evolve, which causes life to evolve. Everyone wins. A person who moves with the process will only see growth and improvement. Those who stay behind will see chaos and destruction. You can get smashed by a big wave in the ocean, or you can take your surfboard and have a blast riding it. It's a personal choice. The difficulty the Earth's ecosystem now faces is the unnatural manipulation at this critical time. They may be able to tamper with the atmosphere and genetics on the planet's surface, but they cannot get at the internal mechanisms. And that is what humans have to do to connect with the planet as a living and intelligent being. My work with plants and animals has proven to me beyond any doubt that reconnecting to earth initiates change and the ascension process, regardless of what the globalists do. So we get back on the positive growth line. I literally raised burned trees from an abiotic shock that are now green again and thriving in a new environment with no genetic changes. Even in extreme drought or heat, I still have pumpkins that are about to invade the next county. No GMO was necessary, a little miracle fertilizer Miracle Grow] if you understand the ambiguity. Epilogue As with almost every aspect of our society, natural and artificial conditions are ultimately opposed to each other, be it a natural person vs. an artificial legal person, real money vs. fiat currency, or a natural evolutionary world vs. an artificial 3D slave society. I know there is a lot of talk about divine intervention, aliens, angels, etc. coming to save us, sit back, the cavalry is coming. To me, being of Cherokee descent, that never sounded particularly good. But all humanity really needs is an anti-globalist vaccination so that these monsters dry up and evaporate. I'm not going to call them people because after everything I've seen in Montauk, I don't think they are. Personally, I don't want aliens to interfere in our society and instill their version of the absolute truth on us. One thing I've learned in my life is that nothing is absolute, everything is relative to something else. It cannot be the absolute truth, but only truth relative to what the aliens have accepted as truth.

12 Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Timelines, and Ascension What bothers a lot of people is that many of us have spent most of our lives searching for the truth, and now if a few aliens came over and gave us a copy of Surrendering the universe to dummies would just make us feel like we wasted our entire lives. I don't mind a few pointers, but I want to do the job myself. If the aliens came by and sucked up all these parasites with a giant vacuum cleaner that hinder human consciousness and our evolution, I would be the first to shake their hand, claw, tentacle, or whatever. But I don't want to be freed from a world order just to be replaced by a stellar order that reprograms and re-educates me with its truths so that I no longer have to think for myself. Consciousness does not mature through being told facts; it grows from the search for it. And I think that's what people in this world really need the opportunity to grow independently in a free society. Hopefully you can use this information and help people get this opportunity. Addendum: Hurricanes With the help of information from Dewey Larson and Prof. KVK Nehru about the structure of the sun, a similar structure of the planets can be derived (see footnote 18, page 5). Although planets have an atmosphere rather than a photosphere, the activity under the mantle bears a great deal of resemblance to what is happening in the core of the sun, and the earth produces effects similar to the sun, only on a different scale. One of the more distinctive features of the sun is that of sunspots, dark areas that frequently trigger eruptions and prominences in a recurring cycle. New recordings have also shown that so-called solar tornadoes appear over these active areas of the sun, extending thousands of kilometers. If the earth produced its own version of sunspots, what would we see? Initially a regular cycle, albeit on a different scale, instead of an 11.5-year-old perhaps an annual cycle. And when a sunspot forms, there is a violent vortex-like movement in it that pulls material up and down and swirls it around, just like with solar tornadoes: we just call it a hurricane. If one examines Figure 8, Migration of Prominences [Ger. Migration of Protuberances], in Nehru's document The Solar Interior and the Sunspots. The interior of the sun and the sunspots], one can see that hurricanes appear at the same latitudes as sunspots, move in the same way and disappear in exactly the same way as Nehru describes it in the sunspot cycle. There is a very high level of agreement. Like sunspots, hurricanes are simply a feature of planets. They can also be seen on other planets, such as a hurricane near the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. Hurricanes are the product of co-magnetic Thredulen [engl. co-magnetic thredules] [2] in the core of the earth. They are natural occurrences and cannot be artificially created, nor can they be directed in their early stages when the magnetic forces are strongest. But they can be amplified during their formation using the same process that creates the aforementioned supercell thunderstorms - excessive amounts of condensation nuclei pushed into the atmosphere by tropopause cloud inoculation to cause large amounts of clouds and torrential rains. When the developing thredule begins to collapse, local changes in temperature and air pressure can control the hurricane, which is exactly what HAARP does best. [2] Note d. Translator: thredule is an artificial word with no German equivalent and is therefore translated with the Thredul. It is up to thread [dt. Thread] and describes the form of matter in the ultra-high temperature (> 2 units) in the core of the sun as a bundle of expanding, straight threads, see KVK, Nehru, Glimpses into the Structure of the Sun, 3.3 Thredules: The Seventh State of Matter co-magnetic is the counterpart to magnetic (reversed field lines, same poles attract, opposing poles repel), see link above, 4.1 The Lines of Force.