What website can I see Fairy Tail on

Fairy Tail in the stream: where can you legally watch the anime series online?

Fairy Tail is one of the most successful anime series of all time. Here you can find out where you can legally watch the fantasy adventure in the stream.

Magic is ubiquitous in the Kingdom of Fiore. Those who can handle it well usually join a guild and earn their living through jobs. The Fairy Tail guild is particularly known for its strong, but also somewhat impetuous members. However, that doesn't stop Stellar mage Lucy from joining her. Over time, she gets to know the members better and better and soon finds herself in the middle of a fantastic adventure.

Fairy Tail has managed to establish itself on the anime market alongside big brands such as Dragon Ball, One Piece or Naruto. Originally as a manga series, Fairy Tail started in 2006 with the Japanese Weekly Shonen magazine by Kodansha and appeared there regularly until July 2017. The anime series of the same name has existed since 2009, which now comprises over 300 episodes. The two films Phoenix Priestess (2018) and Dragon Cry (2017) have already been shown in cinemas.

Fairy Tail in the stream: Here you can watch the series legally online

Unfortunately, there are currently only a few opportunities to legally view Fairy Tail in Germany. Anime on Demand offers the adventurous series as a stream, but can only provide you with the first 150 episodes. Even the TV broadcaster ProSieben MAXX, where the episodes are occasionally shown on the program, doesn't have much more to offer.

So if you want to follow the adventures of Natsu, Lucy and Co. in full and not just see half of them, you have to wait for the new episodes to appear in Germany. Alternatively, of course, the original manga by Hiro Mashima is available, which is already finished with the plot. You can buy the first volume here. *