Was Pablo Escobar a psychopath

Pablo Escobar and his family - For seven years she did not notice how he was making his living

What to do if the husband is a psychopath Pablo Escobar's widow knows what to do.

27 years ago a special police unit shot and killed her husband when he tried to escape barefoot over a roof in Medellín. His shadow has been over her ever since and is only causing damage in her life, she says - with one exception: When she talks about psychopaths, trauma, resilience and the "reinterpretation" of terrible experiences, the memory of her husband gives her special credibility .

Victoria Eugenia Henao is the widow of Pablo Escobar. The 60-year-old is officially called María Isabel Santos Caballero today. She had her original name changed at a time when the relationship with the Colombian drug lord was not yet suitable for a business idea.

Women at the limit

In an interview with the Colombian magazine “Semana”, Henao says that she has recently started working as a coach. On their website there is even talk of “ontological coaching”, that is, advice on being and being par excellence. "I tried to use the experiences of my life as a source of inspiration for other people," says Henao. First they asked individual people for advice, then more and more women's groups too: "The 'Women in Black' from Uruguay, the 'Women at the Limit' from Mexico, groups from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Hungary." Sometimes companies require them to give lectures.

Victoria Eugenia Henao actually has extensive experience of harrowing experiences. She was almost a child when she began to love the 11-year-old Escobar. At 15, she ran away from home to marry the future leader of the Medellín cartel. "Pablo Escobar was a lovable romantic and seducer, a poet and always a good father," she says in an interview with "Semana".

It took her seven years before she realized what he was doing for a living. One day he came home and said the family had to flee immediately. With their seven-year-old son they then went wrong through the jungle on the way to Panamá. Because Henao was eight months pregnant, she was accompanied by a doctor. "The idea that my daughter Manuela could be born in the jungle panicked me."

«Escobar was a psychopath. But I survived this tragedy. "

Victoria Eugenia Henao

Another time, the family miraculously survived a bomb attack by Escobar's enemies that destroyed their entire apartment. After that, she and the children would not have been able to fall asleep in the dark for months. After Escobar's death, the family fled to Mozambique because no other country was ready to take them. “That experience was a horror,” says Henao.

Where are the feelings?

They later came to Buenos Aires incognito, where Escobar's widow still lives today. When her true identity became known, she had to take her daughter Manuela from school.

Henao wrote an autobiography about her life at Escobar's side, some of which was enthusiastically reviewed. "Escobar was a psychopath," she says today. Like all psychopaths, he had no contact with his own feelings. "But I survived this tragedy, I reinvented myself," says Henao. By asking empathetic questions, she can help others achieve the same thing.

Initially, her tips and instructions were free, now she's asking for something. According to their website, this is $ 99 for an hour of video coaching. In order to get in touch with one's own feelings, this seems acceptable.

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