Why are Japanese animators paid less

Are there any studios with good working conditions?

What surprised you about anime in Japan?

I was surprised at how humble all the anime staff in the studio were and how terrible their living conditions were compared to the situation in the animation industry in the west.In short, the money doesn't go back to the animators (and other workers) - they are poor.Most of them spend most of their lives at their desks and are single because they either don't have enough time or money to raise families.Some of them are also very shy, like they can't even answer you when you say hello.It can be annoying at first.

But people are very friendly and fascinated by foreigners willing to lead a similar life.Most of them don't understand why we want to work in anime because they are aware that it is a very difficult job with low wages and lots of (unpaid) overtime.For us, anime is exciting because it's exotic, but for them it just works as usual .I don't think they can really understand how we feel as foreigners working in Japan if they haven't had the experience of living outside of Japan themselves or of traveling abroad from time to time, which most of them never did because they can't afford it.

I was also surprised to realize that all Japanese animators were not geniuses.You know, because in France only masterpieces like Ghibli movies or series like Cowboy Bebop were released before I went to Japan, I thought that any Japanese animator could draw like a god.I was wrong.There are animation gods like Toshiyuki Inoue, but there are also many low-level animators who can only survive in this industry because too many shows are being produced and studios desperately looking for employees have no choice but to offer them jobs .

The good thing is that if you are not too bad and have a good work ethic, you will never get unemployed.