Are the people rude in New York?

LIVELY - New Yrok is the city that never sleeps and just a quick trip will tell you why. It's just an amazing city!

Welcome to the jungle. New York is so lively and fast that it teaches you how to get by yourself quickly. You can easily get lost among all the skyscrapers and the noisy city, just make sure you don't miss the flight!

Once in the city that has never slept, you realize that this city is very different from the others. With endless bars and restaurants, museums with the greatest exhibitions and shops with the latest collections, you won't experience such a trip anywhere else.

Part of the magic of New York City is the diversity of the neighborhoods. None of them look like the next, each one is beautiful in its own way. All you need is some time to discover them all.

The streets of the Big Apple are known for exuding uniqueness and extravagance. Here you can find people of all ages, from all corners of the world - and you can learn a lot from them.

It doesn't matter what your taste is - New York leaves nothing to be desired. From huge shopping malls to small boutiques, you can never waste too much time shopping.

This huge city offers all kinds of cuisines. A paradise for carnivores as well as vegans. Belly growling while strolling these streets is inevitable.

Everyone should have eaten a slice of pizza in New York at least once in their life. It would be rude not to do it. And don't forget, no cutlery is allowed here.

New York is rich in culture. The galleries here offer the best art in the world and Broadway is also full of incredible shows. Not to forget: the huge concert halls where the best artists in the world perform.

Let's face it, this is just a really good reason to party.

If the "American Dream" still exists then it can definitely be found here. There are liberal ideas here on a scale and everything is allowed.

Visiting the magical city of New York is the first step in making the American dream come true. Home to Gossip Girl, Broadway, Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z, NBA and Central Park, you'll feel like you already know it all, even if you've never been there.

From the Empire State Building to Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, the Big Apple will keep you busy for every second. And yet, the city is so diverse and there is so much to see that you can never have seen it all. convince yourself!

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