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Now for the Tacheles: 33 wonderfully dirty sex questions for your newcomer

In the beginning everything is new and exciting. How does the new man by your side tick? What does he have in common with you, where are you completely different? You want to know everything about him. And to find out more about him, you both have all the time in the world. So people ask and chat all night long, about friends and hobbies, about idiosyncrasies and about God and the world. The great journey of discovery together has long since begun. And that's what makes this phase of getting to know each other so wonderful.

Of course, at some point we will know what job he has, what his friends are called, what makes his family tick and how he prefers to spend his Sunday mornings. But there is still more to discover. What is meant is his world of sex. Sure, how he likes it in bed, you will surely have already tried that out in practice.

But there are also many other interesting subject areas, such as his secret fantasies, his wishes, his peculiarities that he lives or would like to live out.

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So how about a little sexy question time for you and your loved one? At least as open and honest as "Truth or Dare" as a teen and at least as immoral as good porn. And get pleasure? Then here are a few ideas for a questionnaire for your loved one. What exactly you ask each other, of course, remains the secret of both of you.

P.S. Anyone who has been together for years and doesn't know certain things about their secret preferences should of course start a question time.

Let's go: 33 sex questions for your loved one

1. How was your first time?

2. Which celebrity wouldn't you push off the edge of the bed?

3. Have you ever had an ONS?

4. Can / could you separate sex and feelings?

5. Is sex on the first date OK for you?

6. Above or below?

7. Flower sex or Kamasutra?

8. From behind or from the front?

9. What secret fantasies do you have?

10. Which of them would you like to implement?

11. Blindfolded Sex: Yes or No?

12. Do you have experience with SM, bondage etc.?

13. Does the thought of being tied up and at the mercy of your partner irritate you or not?

14. Would you like a threesome?

15. If so: with two women or one woman and one man?

16. Do you prefer it with or without light?

17. Sextoys: yes or no?

18. Do you like a complete shave?

19. What do you find sexy what a woman / a man wears in bed?

20. Do you prefer to be the dominant part in bed or vice versa?

21. Do you find sex in the car good or stupid and uncomfortable?

22. Could you imagine having sex with a same-sex partner?

23. What turns you off totally in bed?

24. What does the perfect sex, i.e. foreplay, etc. look like for you?

25. What was your funnest sex breakdown?

26. What is your favorite position?

27. What was the craziest place you've had sex?

28. In which place would you like to have sex?

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29. Keyword sex in public places: Does the risk of being discovered turn you on?

30. How important is your partner's orgasm to you?

31. Can someone laugh about mishaps in bed with you?

32.Do you talk to your friends about your sex life?

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33. Which question should I answer you?

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