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Apple - New update iOS 14.5 is here: unlock iPhone despite mask

With the update to iOS version 14.5, Apple has brought a number of exciting new features to the iPhone. We show the most important new functions - and how to use them.

IPhone users have been waiting for the new iOS update with version number 14.5 for months. Unlike the previous version jumps, the latest version of the iPhone operating system contains some important and long-awaited innovations. The top functions at a glance:

New app tracking protection available

Last year, Apple announced that it wanted to better protect its users against app operators being able to track the behavior of their users across different websites and apps. From now on, users will be informed of this behavior and have the opportunity to prevent it. This was followed by an outcry from many app providers, especially from Facebook. Apple initially postponed the introduction of the new feature. With the new update, however, it is now available. Read more about this here.

Unlock iPhone without code despite mask

One of the annoying side effects of wearing a mask for iPhone users is that unlocking via face recognition - Face ID - no longer works. Apple had already tried to improve this in an earlier update by allowing the alternative code entry to appear immediately when a mask is recognized and not only after failed Face ID attempts. However, this did not make the situation much better.

An alternative unlocking by fingerprint is not possible on iPhones with Face ID (iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12). Now, however, Apple has finally introduced a faster and more convenient unlocking alternative: via Apple Watch.

iPhone users who own an Apple Watch Series 3 (from 219 euros) or newer and protect it with a code can use their iPhone very conveniently without a code. The condition for this, however, is that the Apple Watch is unlocked and nearby - and Face ID recognizes a mask.

However, this function is not activated automatically, users have to initiate this themselves as follows:

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone and choose Face ID & Passcode.
  • Below is the Unlock with Apple Watch section. Activate the switch behind "Apple Watch by [your name]".

As soon as you wear a mask and unlock the iPhone, you will feel a vibration on your wrist and can use the iPhone directly. The message will then appear on the Apple Watch: "[Your name] s iPhone - Unlocked with this Apple Watch". Underneath there is also the "Lock iPhone" button, in case you change your mind.

New emojis: woman with beard and new injection syringe

Some emojis are also being refreshed. There are new, selectable skin colors, new face emojis, including a woman with a beard, and a new symbol for the syringe. All details about the new emojis can be read here.

More variety with Siri and divisible lyrics with Apple Music

Anyone wearing AirPods or Beats headphones with Apple's special wireless chip will in future be able to answer incoming calls directly using voice commands. Siri also announces who's calling when the doorbell rings. Group FaceTime calls can now also be initiated directly via voice control - for example, by simply naming Siri as the addressee a group name from Apple's messaging app. In an emergency, Siri can now call the stored emergency contact directly.

Apple Music makes it easier for subscribers to chat about music. Your favorite song texts can now be shared directly in News, Facebook or Instagram Stories, and subscribers can also play the excerpts directly in the Apple News app without having to leave the app.

Also new: the city charts. Here users can read which songs are being heard most in which cities at the moment. The 100 cities available from Germany include Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne.

Heavily redesigned podcast app

If you have previously preferred an alternative podcast app, you can now look again at Apple's original, because the company has significantly revised the application and also integrated many user requests. So it is now finally possible to set individually for each podcast whether episodes should be loaded automatically or not, and the notes can also be adjusted individually.

A quick save and download option automatically adds episodes to the library for quick access afterwards.

In addition, the overview pages have been revised; the search also shows top charts and popular categories so that it is easier to discover new podcasts.

Other new functions

There are also a number of smaller adjustments that could also be of interest to individual users.

  • 5G can now also be used in dual SIM mode, which was not possible before. The smart data option is also said to have been optimized, and international roaming for 5G is now possible.
  • In Apple Maps you can now report accidents, obstacles or speed traps by calling them to Siri. If you can navigate, you can now share the estimated time of arrival even when you're cycling or on foot - either by Siri voice command or using the "Share arrival time" button at the bottom of the screen in the map app.
  • Anyone who uses the Reminder app a lot should be pleased that the individual entries can now also be sorted by title, priority, due date or creation date. Incidentally, the list can now also be printed out.
  • After the new update, gamers can now also use their PS5 or Xbox Series S | X controllers to play on the iPhone.

There are also a number of other minor bug fixes. The complete list can be found at Apple.

If you have activated automatic updates on your iPhone, you will probably receive it one of the coming nights when the device is connected to the charging cable. If you want to have the update immediately, you can also initiate the update process manually. You can see how this works in the photo gallery above.

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