Where did the indigenous people come from?

How and when did the Indians come to America?

That cannot be said with one hundred percent certainty. Opinions are still divided on this.

On the basis of archaeological finds, the first settlement - for example Brazil - seems to have been around 30,000 BC. BC, but there are (at least) two plausible theories about where these people really came from.

1. Theory - Coming from the Bering Strait?

In the majority of the available documentation on the question of origin of the Indians, the thesis is put forward that the ancestors - both the North and South American Indians - pitched their tents on the American continent during the so-called "last" Ice Age to have.

That should have happened about 35 to 20,000 years ago. After all!

From Asia across the frozen strait of the Bering Strait (between Asia / Siberia / Russia and America / Alaska).

In addition, it is believed that some tribes stayed in the north of the continent, while other peoples probably moved on to settle in South America.

2. Theory - coming from Polynesia?

The second theory limits this assumption. Here the opinion is expressed that the South American natives were not involved in the grueling trip from the Bering Strait to the southern part of America, but - also during the "last" Ice Age - came from the Pacific islands of Polynesia (Oceania).

In this case, the sea, as it is largely assumed to be binding, was climatically “drained” at that time, the sea floor, so to speak, “temporarily” habitat for vegetation, animals and humans.

Well, it could possibly be like that !? also have been.

No matter! At some point they were there. The Indians. In South and North America ...

Author: Manfred Zorn