How do I complain about child labor

Kindernothilfe Switzerland

The improvement of educational opportunities: This includes access to quality formal education, non-formal education and adapted educational offers for working children. Education helps to break the cycle of poverty and is an essential basis for an independent and responsible life.

Income-generating measures for parents: Parents and other adult family members need to be able to work on fair terms and with decent wages rather than relying on their children's incomes for the family to survive.

Taking the state accountable: The state has a duty to realize human rights in its sphere of influence. This makes them an important target group for our work. In addition, it is important to hold other socially relevant actors accountable and to strengthen civil society in order to be able to claim rights.

Involve children: Children have a say when it comes to their concerns. This also applies to child workers. That is why we make sure that they are involved in our projects, that they are able to organize themselves, network and, where appropriate, form umbrella organizations.

Opening of complaints channels: Children must be able to complain when their rights are violated. At the national level, complaints bodies, contact and ombudsman points should be set up. There is now an individual complaint procedure at the international level.