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Bilyoung e.V.

society Goldader Bilyoung e.V.

Green in February 2006deten representatives of

reform-oriented institutions in our region

from Kindedaycare centers, schools and institutions

deOut! and trainingyoung den association Goldader

Bilyoung e.V. with dem goal, the Bilyoungsreform in

progress in our region together and sustainably!

bring to.


Detailed information about our

Reading project finden you on our website:

www.goldader! bilyoung.de

Project manager des project "Hasyoutoday


Jacqueline Roos

Viehweg 31

75179 Pforzheim, Germany

Tel. 07231/464798

Mobile: 01729498261

info @ goldader! bilyoung.de

For a better future


In conversations, lectures and in common!

All projects can thus gain experience!

exchanged, given impulses and valuable ones

Networks made whoden.

We are looking forward to your cooperation!



Reading godparents of Goldader Bilyoung come

regularly once in der week for one and a half

Stunden at Kindegardens and elementary schools in

Pforzheim and dem Enzkreis and read den

Kindern before.

Picked whoden der age group corresponds!

chende Texts.

In frontread will also be in on if necessaryderen

Languages ​​of native speaker reading mentors.

Out deIn reading, conversations arise

Role plays, indoor and outdoor activities.

The reading godparents accompany the kinder at

Transition from der daycare to school.

The reading spate, der / the one

part der kinder accompanied to first grade, ver!

convey a little bit of familiarity, that den

Kindern feels good with so many new impressions.

The project is limited to mindeat least three years!

lays and secures so den involved a long term!

constant and continuous support.

Goldader! Ideen

At the

Read out whoden protected spaces for creativity

and imagination created.

The knowledge acquired whoden of den Kin!

dern integrated into one's own living environment.

The reading godfather facilitates as a firm

Caregiver den transition from der day-care center

Reading godparents

Reading godparents accept Goldader! Training

to voice / appearance, pedagogy and psycho!

logy part.

Reading godparents begin their work den cooper!

ireden daycare centers.

Reading godparents meet regularly to end!

swap and whoden professionally supported.

The work der reading godparents and development

der kinder whoden of Goldader Bilyoung e.V.


Reading aloud from booksderen culture!

ren in differentden languages ​​increases the

Appreciation der kinder for Anderoughness.

Improve through better language skills

school performance.

The self-confidence will yourch to increasede

Increased confidence in dealing with language.

Goldader Bilyoung e.V.

We offer trainingyoufor the reading godparents

and organize meetings of all involved

People to exchange ideas!

We provide for everde Kindergroup fitde

Literature available.

Our reading mentors are educators!

rers and parents to the side, to the ent!

winding des Kindes together too


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