What is the best laptop for architects

Which laptops are good for studying architecture?

Alina asked on October 14, 2020
All 3 student responses to the question
Me: Macbook Pro, for example, definitely something with good performance. Programs that work with complicated graphics otherwise run too slowly to work properly. One or two programs only run on Windows, but you can also install them on a Mac (keyword Bootcamp Partition or Parallels).
Lea: In any case a powerful laptop, you have many drawing programs open at the same time. A good picture is also very important for things like Photoshop. Most have a Mac Book.
Philipp: A normal laptop is sufficient up to the 4th semester. It should have a powerful CPU and a dedicated graphics card.
When it comes to animating, a large amount of RAM is also useful.

For the system requirements, you can look at Nemetschek (the drawing program) or Maxon Cinema 4D (animation program) on the website.