How's the career growth in TCS

Does the place of work matter for career growth?

1. Is my location really important to my career growth, even if I work for the same company and for the same salary?Would it matter in the future?

Yes and no. The most direct impact on your career is the work you are currently doing. The right place is where you can do meaningful work, find good people to work with and challenge you and learn new skills and technologies. Any job or location that does this is better for your career than any job that doesn't.

It's usually hard to say which city is best to live in without talking to people in a particular company. At first glance it might seem like a big city or a highly technical area, but in a given company it could still be a smaller city as long as the group and the projects they are working on are good. For example - in the US there is a lot of great technological work going on in the smaller cities around New York because New York is a very expensive place to house an engineering group.

One guideline is knowing where the business is - often there are large labs, research centers, or development houses that have more options. It can be connected to the company headquarters, but does not have to be. When I'm curious, I usually check the company's websites and look for career positions, as well as each location's products and services, to see how much technical work the location has and what they do.

The other factor is, of course, other companies in the area - which is worth checking out in a similar way when looking for a job in online postings to see if there is any other work there in areas you are interested in. The presence of good schools and universities is also a good sign.

2. Should I charge the same salary in smaller areas as in large areas?That is, the expected salary in larger areas is higher than the normal expected salary in smaller areas.

You can try, but that would be unusual. Companies tend to be very sensitive to the wage rates at each location. If you are considering moving, it is worth checking the local area to determine the cost of living. That tells you what salary suits your needs. You can certainly aim high in any area given the opportunity to declare a salary. However, expect the company to have a certain number in mind and not be interested in paying too much more than the usual price for an engineer in the field.

An exception would be a corporate program where participants travel between locations and salaries are paid according to a corporate standard that encompasses all locations. Then it may be a negotiation against an abstract standard of the company and where you choose to live will have a more direct impact on your standard of living as the company will not change your tariff if you move to a more expensive place.

Sahil Mahajan Mj

:) Thanks, I would definitely consider the company's large development offices.