Who is a civil servant

Requirements, application, training
How do you become a civil servant?

The interview

In the interview you can answer questions from the examiners on various topics. At its core, the HR staff is about being able to better assess the applicant's personality. Possible questions are, for example: "Why do you want to become a civil servant?", "What are you currently interested in about our agency?" Or "What would you describe as your greatest strengths and weaknesses?"

The assessment center

Applicants for the higher service often go through a full-fledged assessment center. The focus is on personal and social skills: How did the participants argue, how do they go about solving problems? How do they behave towards one another - who takes responsibility, who is more cautious?

Common assessment center modules are:

The medical examination

During the medical examination, the medical officer checks whether you are fit for the job in terms of health. The requirements are different depending on the position. Extensive exams can take up to an hour or more. The doctor measures body height and weight, checks visual acuity and hearing, tests the reflexes, examines the body structure and controls mobility.

Training to become a civil servant

Career training (the so-called “preparatory service”) usually lasts two years in the middle service, three years in the higher service, and 18 to 24 months in the higher service. A preparatory service is not always scheduled in simple service - if so, it usually lasts six months.

During the training you are Official on withdrawal. During this phase, civil servant candidates can be dismissed from service at short notice if there are any doubts about their suitability.

The preparatory service ends with the career test, after which one becomes Official on probation set. During the probationary period (at least two years), the employment relationship can still be terminated in the event of minor offenses. After the trial period has expired, the status is granted Official for life.

The training courses and courses of study in the public service are usually structured in two ways. That means: Theoretical and practical phases alternate and build on each other.

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