What are heartbeat moments of your life

Touching moments Music and emotions with Marc Marshall

Everyone knows this special music that reminds of a moving event in life - that one special song that brings back memories. To which one has danced, for example, with the love of life, thinking of a loved one. Singer and entertainer Marc Marshall shows in his show in a sensitive way what music can do. With his band he revives these memorable moments when he interprets the respective song live in his very special way.For everyone, the music triggers personal feelings - happiness, joy or sadness. “Heartbeat Moments with Marc Marshall” can be seen on Saturday, August 3, 2019 at 9:50 pm on SWR television.

Felt music and international understanding

Marc Marshall welcomes Vanessa Feller-Jung from Jockgrim in the southern Palatinate as guests. To the surprise of the wedding party, she translated a song into sign language for the wedding of her deaf father. That's how she wanted to answer his question about what music feels like. Another guest is Susanne Halder from Bad Waldsee, who experienced an unforgettable moment of happiness in the USA and has not only been actively contributing to understanding between people since then. Angelika Jung from Heidelberg thinks of her heartbeat moment while listening to Herbert Grönemeyer. She was able to support her sick brother in the most difficult times and fulfill his last wishes. She is very grateful for that.

New interpretations with Marc Marshall

In very familiar conversations, people tell Marc Marshall about their heartbeat moment and about that one special song that for them remains firmly connected with special memories. Marc Marshall knows like no other how to bring these memories closer to you and the audience in a musical way. He revives every single heartbeat moment when he interprets the respective song in his very special way.


“Heartbeat moments with Marc Marshall”, August 3, 2019, 9:50 pm, SWR television

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