What is the job scenario in India

Center to publish detailed data set on the job scenario from October

Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar said the government is also trying to adequately capture the data at the employer level using the payroll data as well.

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To solve the problem of insufficient employment data, the government will come up with detailed data set from October based on the national survey for the budget aimed at job creation, Niti Aayog deputy chairman Rajiv Kumar said.

These data, which numbers significantly different from the Labor Bureau's survey on employment, are released every quarter. The government, in due course, plans to synchronize this data with other sources of formal employment, such as the Employee Provident Fund Organization, and with the data of institutions such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

The government will implement all recommendations of the Task Force on Improving Employment Data, which submitted its report last year. “The status of the task force is that all of its recommendations are accepted and the government has therefore decided to set up a regular national sample for household survey on employment. The Ministry of Statistics and the implementation of the program is responsible and I think the survey is in the field and therefore you should expect your first report in October and then quarterly. Will be rigorously analyzed and well prepared household employment survey, ”Kumar told The Indian Express.

He said the government is also trying to adequately capture the data at the employer level using the payroll data as well. “We'll also try to get some data based on billing data. The EPFO ​​data has first been made public, now it is published every month so you could get a very good idea of ​​what is happening in the formal sector of the economy. Then we will also try and collect the data from some other sources like the Institute of Chartered Accountants, basically all of these provide the data for white collar jobs that are not recorded in the EPFO, ”he said.

This data is synchronized with the household survey to achieve a comprehensive set of numbers. “So the idea is that the employer can record the data as it is done in the US, so that hopefully at some point these records will be synchronized. We want once-and-for-all to decisively end the problem of the lack of clear data on employment because it is such an important issue for us. In a sense, the government needs to be commended for at least taking the steps, ”he said.

The scope of the Labor Bureau Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) is small as it covers only eight sectors and comes with a significant delay. The QES covers eight sectors - manufacturing, construction, trade, transportation, education, health, accommodation and restaurant -, IT & BPO - and uses data for 18 sub-sectors.

Unlike other countries like the US where the employment data comes every month, India has very few sources to identify the employment scenario. In addition to the QES, employment and unemployment data released through the National Sample Survey Organization's survey conducted once every five years. The last such survey was conducted for 2011-12.

When asked if he expected the new data to be the main reference point for the employment scenario in the country, Kumar said, “I think so, of course. And once it comes out quarterly and it's broad, comprehensive data, and then combined it with billing I'm not sure you have any other (data). The Labor Bureau data was a conditional response to the 2008 crisis that was expected to hit our exports and labor-intensive sectors. But the sample size is relatively small and only eight sectors are covered. I'm not sure what's going to happen (Labor Bureau) data. ”

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