How many dessert recipes are there

Dessert recipes

The highlight of a menu is the dessert, because the taste of the dessert stays on the palate the longest. After the main course, you often feel like sweets. A wonderfully delicious dessert then satisfies this need. From pudding, light creams, fruity fruit salads or homemade ice cream to elaborate cakes and tarts for every occasion - desserts are good for the soul. There are now thousands of great dessert recipes.

Here you will find the most delicious Dessert recipes. We hope you enjoy baking!

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Most popular dessert recipes

Juicy blueberry muffins

This recipe for juicy blueberry muffins is very easy to prepare and always goes down well.

Pudding cake with sprinkles

This delicious and moist pudding cake with sprinkles is perfect for the next coffee table. Here's the quick recipe.

Protein pancakes

The quick recipe for fitness enthusiasts: protein pancakes for that extra portion of protein.

Cake base

This recipe for a simple cake base forms the perfect basis for cakes of all kinds and is guaranteed to always be a success.

Chocolate cake

With this delicious recipe for a chocolate cake you can create a dreamlike pleasure that is always convincing.

Philadephia Cake

This creamy Philadelphia cake with lemon is prepared with jelly and does not need to be baked. Here is the delicious dessert recipe.

Curd cake without a bottom

This quark cake has no bottom at all. This recipe makes it quick and easy to make a cheesecake with semolina and lemon.

Simple pancakes

For the sweet breakfast lover, this recipe is just right. This is how you get delicious pancakes that are sure to taste good to everyone.

Waffles from the waffle iron

This quick and delicious recipe makes waffles out of the waffle iron - perfect for breakfast or as a dessert.

Simple waffles without butter

These simple waffles, which do not require any butter, are easy to prepare and have a delicious taste. Here is the great recipe.

Latest dessert recipes

Eton Mess

Eton Mess is a super delicious dessert that is easy to make with this recipe. Only the baking of the meringues takes some time.

Lime and mint granite

This lime and mint granite is super fresh and tastes wonderful on hot days. The recipe is simple, but it takes time to freeze.

Café Granité

Italians swear by it when it's hot outside. Because the Café Granité is wonderfully refreshing and the recipe for it is easy to prepare.

Coffee cream dessert

A delicious coffee cream dessert can be quickly and easily made with this recipe, which then only needs to be cooled well.

caramel cream

This caramel cream is a fine spread that also goes well with ice cream and desserts and is really easy to make with this recipe.

all dessert recipes

Delicious desserts for the whole family

They are irresistibly delicious, mostly sweet and can be enjoyed in many great variations: This refers to fine desserts that we are only too happy to have after the main course at lunch or as a dessert at buffet or brunch. The desserts are available in many forms: as a cream dish or pudding, as stirred quark or compote, as ice cream or tiramisu. Incidentally, fruit salads or lean quark with vegetable sticks as well as cakes and cheese are also among the sweet bites for afterwards. Which of the delicious desserts you enjoy is entirely up to your taste.

Different countries, different desserts

A look beyond our national borders is enough and we are already longing for foreign desserts. The Austrians are famous for their particularly delicious desserts, who serve various pastries such as donuts and semolina casserole, apple strudel and curd cheese. It is no less delicious in Hungary, where, among other things, the pancakes are available in numerous sweet shapes. The fine desserts of the Italians are also famous. In addition to tiramisu, it is mainly zabaione and tartufo that make our mouth water. In Austria there is also a coffee, in Italy it is an espresso or a latte macchiato. Of course, American muffins, cup cakes and brownies are more than worth a try.

A delicious buffet full of desserts

With so much to choose from, it is a good idea to prepare a sweet buffet for a change. A good opportunity for this is, for example, the next children's birthday. The little ones in particular appreciate the desserts in all their variations and if the sweets don't come on the table every day, then they can indulge in plenty.

Take away sweets for on the go

For school or the day of hiking, the trip on vacation or the way to the lido, something sweet should always be on board. The good thing about the desserts is that many of them can be perfectly prepared and baked in small molds, for example. If they stay in the molds after preparation, you have practical storage for on the go. Of course, you can also pack the delicious treats in plastic cans and then stow them in your backpack.