What disorder is NPD imitating

Lockdown Children: Mental Illness on the Rise

Lockdown Children: Mental Illness on the Rise

Lockdown (m., Singular only, from English) - the fact that (mostly during a crisis) many shops and public spaces are closed

mentally - in a way that has something to do with people's feelings and thoughts

morbid - so strong that it's a disease

Disturbance, -en (f.) - here: a kind of illness

Giants- - colloquial for: very large

Sorrow (m., Singular only) - grief; Concern

Third, - (n.) - the part that arises when you divide something into three parts; 1/3

Online chat, -s (m., From English) - the written dialogue on the Internet

Public relations (f., Singular only) - the task of informing the public about the work of an organization or person

confidential - secret; so that not everyone should know

Sequence, -n (f.) - here: the consequence

to enjoy something - enjoy something; feel very comfortable with something

Development, -en (f.) - here: the fact that a child grows up and gets new skills

intentionally - not accidentally; fully aware

Percent, -e (n.) - a part of a hundred

Psychotherapist - someone trained to treat people with mental illness

affected - here: so that you have a specific problem

Mask, -n (f.) - here: something that you wear in front of your mouth and nose to protect yourself and others from diseases

Teddy, -s (m.) - a little bear made of fabric