How technical is Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Reeve Musk was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa and is an entrepreneur and investor. He has both South African, American and Canadian citizenship.

He achieved worldwide fame through his participation in the founding of the online payment system PayPal and the successful management of his two best-known companies SpaceX and Tesla.

Elon Musk's business idea has always included making expensive and technically complex products accessible to the general public. Today he is considered one of the richest Americans.

Musk and his brother founded the first company, Zip2, in 1995. This offered package software for media companies. In 1999, the computer manufacturer Compaq bought the company for $ 309 million, the highest amount paid for an Internet company to date.

In 1999 Musk founded the company, which offered an email-based online payment system. After a short time, merged with its competitor Confinity, which was developing the similar online payment system PayPal at the time. In 2002 PayPal was bought by Ebay for $ 1.5 billion.

In the same year Elon Musk founded the space company SpaceX, which sells unmanned space flights. Since 2008 SpaceX has been the first company that has succeeded in reducing the cost of a rocket launch to a third of the space flights previously financed by the state.

However, Elon Musk achieved most fame with his investment in 2004 in the vehicle manufacturer Tesla, which produces electric cars. Under his leadership as CEO and Product Architect, the company released its patents in 2014 to boost the development of electric vehicles around the world.