Why are donuts so good

Royal Donuts: How Enes Seker became a successful entrepreneur

Anyone entering a Royal Donuts branch for the first time should be prepared not to recognize the Schmalzkringel again. The products available there relate to ordinary donuts like an SUV to a Twingo. The standard version is also offered at Royal Donuts, which police officers like to eat with a paper cup of coffee in American films. But the franchise company owes its success to those variants that cannot be managed in three bites. Donuts that are not only dipped in chocolate, but also loaded with chocolate bar pieces and filled with all kinds of creams. The website lists a hundred different types of donut, from 2.10 euros to 5.50 euros. A particularly blatant variant contains peanut butter, is topped with a lump of cookie dough, sprinkled with chocolate lentils and rounded off with Nutella strips.

With this bombast pastry, Royal Donuts is making an amazing expansion. According to the company, there are already more than 130 branches - and no longer just in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Soon a shop will open in Dubai. An economic success story in times of the pandemic.

Responsible for this is Enes Seker, a 25-year-old from Aachen who immediately goes over to “you” and says “my dear”. Its story resembles America's rags-to-riches to millionaire career. After graduating from high school, he first studied "Mobility and Transport" at RWTH Aachen University. “I didn't know what to become of me. One of my best friends went to the police, one to the fire department, one studied physics. Everyone took a path. So I chose what seemed most interesting to me. ”But he had a completely wrong idea of ​​what he was studying. “Everything was physics, physics, physics. I went to the same exam three times without studying. ”After four semesters he was de-registered. His job in a Vodafone shop did not bring him any fulfillment either. So he asked himself questions that many young people ask: What do I want to do all my life? How can I turn my passion into a job?

On the big stage

His passion was the donut. As a teenager, he took the train from Aachen to Cologne for this pastry, just because there was a branch of Dunkin Donuts there, he says. He scraped together 8,000 euros and opened a donut snack bar in November 2018, Royal Donuts. And not in his hometown of Aachen, but in Cologne, on the “big stage”, as he says. With the help of his wife and sisters, he started with the usual donuts, then came the more sumptuous ones. From the beginning he also delivered his goods, which should still benefit him in times of the pandemic.