Why do protesters want to be arrested?

Corona protests in Berlin : 250 arrests during "lateral thinkers" demonstrations - residents applaud the police

Confrontations, arrests, protests: the end of a day of the demonstration

Around 250 arrests, two dissolved demos - that is the balance sheet of the protests against the federal emergency brake, which was decided on Wednesday in the Bundestag. There were confrontations with the police and in the process again and again to violence. Unlike last year, however, there was no use of water cannons. Up to 8,000 demonstrators were on the way. In the evening the situation calmed down. You can see who has gathered with the "lateral thinkers" and how the day went in the following Summary read. There the reporter Madlen Haarbach and the reporters Julius Geiler and Christoph M. Kluge put together their impressions.
Our video reporter Muhamad Abdi was also in the government district and observed the demo. Be here Video report with descriptions by police spokesman Thilo Cablitz.
"Think outside the box" demo against the federal emergency brake
With this we end our live reporting of this demo day and thank you for your attentive and critical support.

2200 police officers on duty, around 250 arrests

The Berlin police after the Demonstrations against the corona measures on Wednesday took stock. 250 people have been arrested so far, mainly because of the Violation of hygiene measures, but also the occasional throwing of bottles, resistance to the police, physical attacks and the freeing of prisoners.
Overall are2200 police officers on duty been that the Berlin police were there Support from Brandenburg, Saxony, Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia and the Federal Police to get.

The situation in Moabit has calmed down

After the "lateral thinkers" made repeated attempts to start spontaneous demonstrations through Moabit, the situation is currently more relaxed again. The crowd has thinned out many demonstrators are apparently already on their way home.

However, they are still standing on Paulstrasse at the corner of Alt-Moabit a few hundred people on a police chainwho are repeatedly asked to leave the street by the police. If the people fail to do so, the police threatens to establish their identity. A group of a few minors was detained on the sidelines. The boys wear clothes from the neo-Nazi party “III. Weg ”and are to be assigned to the right-wing extremist milieu.

Right-wing extremist Youtubers film each other

Right-wing extremist Youtubers film each other in Paulstrasse. Matthäus W. alias "activist man" interviewed the convicted Holocaust denier and self-proclaimed "People's teacher" Nikolai Nerling. They stand next to an anarchy flag from another participant.

That was the occasion: the Bundestag decides on the federal emergency brake

The Bundestag has one on Wednesday nationwide emergency brake against the third corona wave decided. Move with the corresponding amendment to the Infection Protection Act Exit restrictions from 10 p.m. and further steps to avoid contact in more detail.

Voted by roll call 342 MPs for the law. There were 250 votes against and 64 abstentions. The parliamentary groups of the Union and the SPD had previously voted in favor of it in the second reading. AfD, FDP and Left voted against the law. The Greens abstained.

The Federal Council must now agree to the change on Thursday. Read more about the new regulations in the following article.

Cat and Mouse in Moabit - applause for the police

After the demonstration broke up near Bellevue Palace the corona demonstrators are trying to outsmart the police. A game of cat and mouse develops, as documented by the videos of our reporter Julius Geiler.

Where a police chain has been loosened, some try a breakthrough, then many want to escape the barriers, by plowing through the bushes (sometimes by bike)Again and again police officers have to intercept individual demonstrators who want to run through their ranks.

While “lateral thinkers” on the Arrest a man respond with a megaphone with "all of Berlin hates the police" slogans, Moabite residents applaud the police from the window and stretch your thumb up.

Spontaneous demo escalated - police chain broken

Chaotic scenes on the banks of the Heligoland. Spontaneous demonstration sets off from Bellevue Palace, breaks through the police chain. Protesters run, officials overtake them. Train is stopped at Thomasiusstrasse. CS gas is in the air. Police arrest individuals. The spontaneous demonstration moves on in the opposite direction.

The meeting in front of Bellevue Palace also dissolved

Before she could even begin, the Berlin police explained the Assembly of the "grassroots" party for resolved. Reason, here too: massive violations of regulations. The demonstrators are currently making no move to leave the street in front of Bellevue Palace.
Two water cannons from the Federal Police and a clearing tank are ready in front of Bellevue Palace. Unlike on Straße des 17. Juni, the chairman of the meeting repeatedly points out the necessary distances and masks. Apparently the police gave him five minutes to comply.

Rally at Bellevue Palace

The rally at Bellevue Palace begins. She was from the Small party "The Basis" organized. Police announcement: Participants should Wear masks and keep your distance. The applicant also urges everyone to adhere to the requirements. Otherwise the police will dissolve the meeting. But most of them apparently reject it.

walk in the park

Accompanied by the police, a large group of demonstrators runs parallel to Straße des 17. Juni in the direction of the Großer Stern. It seems like a relaxed onewalk.