What is a perfect date

This is what the perfect first date looks like for men - according to the study

The initial excitement, the tingling sensation in your stomach when the other person pulls you under its spell and finally the anticipation of a second date: Actually, a perfect first date always turns out the same. At least when it sparks between you. But it's not just chemistry that plays a role in whether a simple flirtation will become more. Because also where you meet, what you do and with whom has an important part in the decision whether there will be a second rendezvous. So that you don't have to ponder for a long time, but have real facts at hand to plan your first perfect date with your crush, we turned to science and the most important points that make a date a success - especially for men of creation - summarized for you.

According to the study: This is what the perfect first date looks like

In a study, DrEd.com asked 1,000 Europeans and Americans what makes the perfect date for them - with the following results ...

1. The place

On the observation deck of the Empire State Building or a helicopter flight over the city? No, your first date doesn't have to (and should) not be that fancy at all. Because most men find a relaxed meeting in a café or restaurant much better.After all, 77 percent of men said that they could imagine their perfect first date there. And for women, too, a harmless date in the coffee shop or a dinner in the restaurant seems to be the first choice when it comes to location. But also outdoor activities, a classic visit to the cinema or a bar both men and women do not seem to be averse. Even the zoo would be an option for half of the men on their first date. What doesn't work for either of them on a first date: swinger clubs, weddings or disco. They are probably a bit too private after all.

2. The dating partner

A blind date with a complete stranger? Sounds risky? That's right, at least the lords of creation agree and therefore prefer to think about someone they already know. Because For around 50 percent of US men surveyed, a woman they have known for a long time but has somehow lost sight of is the perfect dating partner. But even a date with a friend or a spontaneous meeting with someone you have just met has the potential to become the perfect date for many. The situation is similar with women, by the way. Tinder dates or other dating apps and platforms, on the other hand, are lagging behind for most of them.

3. The first impression

But what makes the perfect date really a success and possibly also leads to a second (or third, or fourth) date is - of course - the first impression you get of your counterpart. For both women (83 percent) and men (77 percent), the humor of their date plays a central role. Of course, if you are not on the same wavelength when it comes to laughing, you will also find it difficult in other things. But also the feeling that the other person is interested in you, your opinion or your work is high on the dating checklist for many. When it comes to punctuality, manners and whether the other has made an effort, men and women largely agree that they play a role. Only when it comes to the kiss on the first date do opinions differ again: 62 percent of men would meet their date partner again if they kissed on the first date.

4. The topic of conversation

What to talk about on a first date can make a perfect date tip-top. Absolute no-go's, both for men (and women) in the USA and in Europe: the ES partners. No wonder, after all, nobody wants to hear stories of a previous relationship on a first date. For most of them, sexual preferences mean the end of a second date. You should also keep your hands off topics such as politics, religion and health.

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