What do you remember from elementary school

Useless knowledge: what else can you remember from school?

"Who rides so late through night and wind?
It is the father with his child;
He's got the boy in his arms
He'll take hold of him safely, he'll keep him warm. "

Many people know exactly how these lines should be continued, as generations of schoolchildren have been tormented by memorizing Goethe's ballad "Der Erlk├Ânig". These lines are etched into the brain forever. And there is a lot of this school knowledge for eternity that many do not necessarily need in everyday life, but know forever. The donkey bridge "333 near Issos brawl" helped to keep the year in memory forever in history lessons, but do you still remember what exactly happened there? Or the fact that you are safe in the car during a thunderstorm because it is a Faraday cage - perhaps the only thing apart from the Doppler effect that you have taken with you for life from your physics class.

Biology, latin, history

On Twitter, some of them report on their general knowledge from school, which they can no longer let go. Biological terms are just thrown around here:

There is even detailed knowledge about the earthworm:

The dead language seems to be quite alive in the brain of many former students:

Not to forget the minstrelsong:

Even meaningless words stay in the memory forever:

What knowledge has burned into you?

Do you still know the context or just more fragments? Do you see it as meaningless knowledge, or is it simply part of general knowledge, even if it is not needed in everyday life? And what, in your opinion, useful knowledge have you forgotten? (probably, 8.9.2020)