Motorola is a Chinese company

Comeback: "Moto by Lenovo" becomes Motorola again

Moto G
(c) Lenovo smartphone brands such as Motorola, which are associated with quality, tradition and a touch of nostalgia, are more valued by consumers. Lenovo has recognized this too, and so "Moto by Lenovo" should now become Motorola again. The Chinese company announced this decision at the Mobile World Congress. With this, Lenovo joins other competitors from the Asian region who are proceeding in a similar manner. TCL relies on the traditional French brand Alcatel and HMD Global on the name of the former smartphone market leader Nokia. Moto G
(c) Lenovo

Back to the roots: "Moto by Lenovo" becomes Motorola again

At the beginning of 2011, the US company Motorola split into Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. But already in August of that year it became public that the newly spun off mobile phone division was being bought up by Google. However, the search engine giant did not hold onto the brand for long, as it finally acquired Lenovo at the beginning of 2014. The Hong Kong-based manufacturer wanted to strengthen its position in the smartphone segment with the acquisition, but the marketing of the mobile phones under "Moto by Lenovo" did not go down as well as hoped. After all, Lenovo had left the memorable "M" logo on the Moto phones, which gave them a certain feeling of holding a Motorola smartphone. So now the popular name Motorola will find its way back to smartphones.

"Moto by Lenovo" buried after a year

There has been quite a back and forth on the naming of Moto smartphones in the recent past. Until January 2016, the China group still relied on Motorola as a brand, but then at the CES came the announcement that the cell phones would be advertised as "Moto by Lenovo" in the future. This project did not seem to be crowned with the expected success, the name of the cell phone pioneer simply has more pulling power than that of the comparatively young Chinese company. Motorola was founded almost 90 years ago; Lenovo only opened its doors in 1984. We are curious to see whether the renaming will boost Moto smartphones.

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