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Top GPS tracker for everyday life, sport and leisure

The smart GPS tracker for all cases

With the smart GPS tracker Curve from Vodafone, you now have all your favorite things at a glance and always know where they are. Whether it is a bag, rucksack, motorhome, keychain, cell phone or school bag - with a simple keyring you can attach the super-light tracker (only 30 g) to the object in question and then use the smart app on your cell phone to keep track of where the curve is at the moment.

Location transfer to the smartphone
With Curve you can easily control the location and the distance covered by the tagged object in a smart app from Vodafone on your smartphone. Watch how the curve moves in real time, create a safe zone that you define or choose from different tracking modes.

How does the Curve GPS tracker work?
In contrast to Bluetooth trackers, the Curve can track objects over any distance and even abroad. This is made possible by a built-in SIM card from Vodafone and the so-called Smart Service. This means that location updates can be sent to the smartphone via the mobile Internet - even if you are far away from the curve.

Do I have to pay monthly costs for the Smart Service at the beginning?
No, there are no monthly subscription costs for the first 24 months, because the mobile Smart SIM service is already included in the purchase price. After the 24 months have elapsed, you can choose between various payment options (it starts at 1.99 € per month).