How do libertarians feel about affordable housing

Demo in Nürtingen for affordable housing

The libertarian group Nürtingen had called for a demo for affordable housing on June 23, 2018. The meeting point was the central bus station. Despite its rather small size - around 25 participants - the demo moved loudly and clearly through the city center. Slogans were shouted like: "Colorful houses, colorful life, should be there for everyone", "Living space for everyone, otherwise there will be riots", "If you flatten our houses, we'll take the whole city", "A - anti - anticapitalista" and "Living space is not a commodity". The front banner read: "The cities to those who live in them".

At the town hall, the Nürtingen libertarian group addressed the situation with living space in the region in a speech. A spokesman for Villa Galgenberg reported on the city's attempts to suppress the emancipatory housing project. In a further, spontaneous contribution, the planned “cyber valley” in the Neckar valley was discussed, which is already having an impact on the living situation in Tübingen.

When the march continued, there was police harassment because of a slogan that was attached to a house facade with chalk and stencil. The personal details of a demo participant were recorded. The rest of the demo naturally showed solidarity and waited, despite the cop's request that they should go on.

Reunited, the demo moved on down Alleestraße and distributed information material to passers-by. After crossing the Stuttgarter Strasse / Galgenbergstrasse intersection, the demo participants were photographed by the police without cause.

The event ended in the garden of Villa Galgenberg, where there was a kitchen for everyone.

A report by the Libertarian Group Nürtingen on Facebook.


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