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Music not only raises the mood in the apartment immensely, the right sound can also be a real fun factor outdoors. The trend towards Listening to music outdoors Numerous manufacturers take this into account with loudspeakers suitable for outdoor use. They are available for permanent installation on the terrace or in the garden as well as mobile for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Find out from this article what types of outdoor speakers you can choose from and what is important in an outdoor speaker test.

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the essentials in brief
  • Outdoor speakers allow you to listen to music outdoors. The outdoor speakers are more robust than the indoor models.
  • Weather resistance is an important aspect of outdoor speakers. Outdoor loudspeakers should be able to withstand temperature fluctuations as well as rainwater.
  • Outdoor speakers are available for permanent installation on the terrace or in the garden. There is also a wide range of models for mobile use.

If you don't just want to play your latest playlist with your headphones, you can equip yourself with a mobile audio box for your smartphone to listen to music with friends on the go.

Many of the models for outside shine with a flawless sound and play the music as Solo device or in a double pack in stereo.

1. For permanent installation or for mobile music enjoyment?

In our outdoor speaker comparison on BILD.de, as in the current outdoor speaker tests, you will find waterproof outdoor speakers for permanent installation next to airplay-capable outdoor speakers and Bluetooth outdoor speakers.

Both Outdoor speakers for permanent installation it is partly wired and partly WLAN outdoor speakers. The WLAN outdoor speakers have the advantage that they do not have to be connected to a playback device via cables.

Weather resistance is an absolute must

The choice is huge, especially in the field of mobile loudspeakers. However, when the weather worsens and it rains, the wheat is separated from the chaff. Loudspeakers suitable for outdoor use have to withstand extensive rainfall just as undamaged as strong temperature fluctuations and continuous UV radiation.

A Power supply However, this type of built-in outdoor speaker is also required. Another possibility is to use an outdoor loudspeaker with battery operation. The outdoor loudspeakers are also supplied with power by a rechargeable battery for on the go.

your Music signal receive the compact waterproof outdoor speakers by radio from a smartphone. The airplay-enabled outdoor speakers are paired with an iPhone, the other Bluetooth outdoor speakers with an Android smartphone.

Outdoor speakers are very popular and it is therefore not surprising that numerous other manufacturers are presenting their products in addition to outdoor speakers from Bose and outdoor speakers from Sonos in current outdoor speaker tests.

In the overview table on BILD.de we have the outdoor speakers for permanent installation compared to the models for mobile use:

Outdoor speaker typeproperties
Outdoor loudspeaker for permanent installation
  • Mono and stereo models available
  • wired or via WLAN
  • with mains connection or battery operation
  • weatherproof, waterproof
mobile outdoor speakers
  • with battery supply
  • compatible with bluetooth
  • waterproof and dustproof

2. Do mobile models surprise with good sound quality in outdoor speaker tests?

The Bluetooth speakers in the tests of speakers for outside and in our comparison on BILD.de are mostly compact and made of resistant housing material.

Surprisingly about the speakers after the Bluetooth speaker principle work is that brilliant sound. Many of the systems convince with one despite their small size rich sound pressure level (in dB).

Both Wireless outdoor speakers for on the go the Power supply via rechargeable batteries realized. A power supply is absolutely necessary, as these are basically active outdoor loudspeakers.

Important properties are besides the Dimensions (in cm) and the Weight per box (in kg) the Weather protection, the possibility of 360-degree sound and the maximum number of boxes that can be connected.

Outdoor speakers for the garden have to meet other criteria when testing outdoor speakers. Depending on whether the connection to the player is wireless or via cable, the impedance of the loudspeakers in ohms is important.

In addition, the recommended amplifier power (in watts) harmonize with the stereo system. While the garden loudspeakers for installation on the floor enable the complete sound reinforcement of the outdoor area, a high quality stereo speaker pair Advantages of the Sound quality.

When you have music in on your patio HiFi quality want to enjoy, you are well advised to choose outdoor stereo speakers from a brand manufacturer.

The models for floor installation, on the other hand, offer the advantage that they can be discreetly integrated into the garden design and that All-round audio signal in one360 degree angle submit.

2.1. Outdoor loudspeakers for permanent installation - the first choice for mild summer nights

A permanently installed loudspeaker system in the outdoor area offers the advantage that the Sound in the garden at any time at the push of a button is possible.

This applies to both the planned summer garden party and the surprise visit from friends.

  • ready to use at any time
  • completely weatherproof all-round models for the garden
  • either wired or via WLAN
  • Installation effort
  • Power supply mostly only via cable

2.2. Mobile outdoor speakers - ready for use anywhere

The outdoor speakers for on the go convince with their high flexibility.

They can be used anywhere with little effort and are just as weatherproof as the models for permanent installation.

  • high weather resistance
  • robust construction
  • low installation effort
  • ready for use anywhere
  • limited operating time
  • partly low performance

3. Is the outdoor sound available for as little as 100 euros?

Cheap waterproof outdoor speakers are available as a solo version for 50 to 100 euros to have. Whether you find the best outdoor loudspeakers for your purposes in this price range or whether your personal outdoor loudspeaker test winner is a bit more expensive will depend on your requirements for the loudspeakers.

Before you buy a new outdoor loudspeaker, it may be worthwhile to have a personal purchase advice or to take a look at the Stiftung Warentest website. The test experts have already expressed themselves several times on the subject of outdoor and Bluetooth speakers.

We have a List of 2021 popular brands and manufacturers Compiled for you, in which you will find outdoor speakers from Sonos, Bose outdoor speakers, Teufel outdoor speakers and Tchibo outdoor speakers as well as models from a number of other companies.

In addition to the conventional models for wall mounting, the 360-degree garden speakers for floor mounting are enjoying increasing popularity. They radiate the audio signal in a spherical shape and are very weatherproof.

  • Angry
  • Polk
  • Ultimate
  • anchor
  • Pronomic
  • JBL
  • Makita
  • Magnate

4. What interesting questions about outdoor speakers are circulating on the Internet?

4.1. Where can outdoor speakers be used?

In which areas an outdoor loudspeaker can be used, depends heavily on its design.

While some of the models are only protected against splash water and are best installed under a roof, there are also completely weatherproof loudspeakers for installation in the garden available in the open air.

The situation is similar with the speakers for on the go. Some of the manufacturers even advertise music enjoyment in the whirlpool and floating speakers. The degree of outdoor suitability, like the sound quality, is often a question of price.

If you choose a particularly inexpensive model, you shouldn't make too high demands in terms of sound quality, robustness and weather resistance.

Tip: So that you can enjoy your new outdoor speakers for as long as possible, you should choose a model with comprehensive weather protection. In addition to protection against rainwater, temperature resistance and protection against dust and mechanical damage are particularly important.

4.2. How do you connect outdoor speakers?

The connection of outdoor speakers is basically not more complex than connecting conventional loudspeakers. One way to install models for fixed mounting is to use passive boxes.

Each box is connected to the amplifier of the stereo system via a two-wire cable. Further connections are not necessary. If, on the other hand, it is an active loudspeaker, a mains connection must also be provided for each box.

Active boxes are equipped with their own amplifier, which must be supplied with voltage. No wiring is necessary for the mobile loudspeakers with battery supply.

Only the usual pairing between Bluetooth devices has to be carried out before listening to music.

4.3. When was the loudspeaker invented?

The loudspeakers are still based on a principle that Werner von Siemens patented in 1878. Since there were no amplifiers at that time, he did not make the breakthrough with this invention. It was not until 1925 that Chester Rice and Edward Kellogg developed the electrodynamic loudspeaker as we know it today, based on Siemens' invention.

Crutchfield says about our comparison winner

Polk Audio Atrium 6
Currently available for € 374.98
»To the Amazon offer» To the Ebay offer
Sound pressure level+++
Can the speakers be operated with an amplifier from Sonos?Yes, you can operate the speakers with such an amplifier. That usually works wonderfully.
Yamaha NS-AW294
Currently available from € 159.00
»To the Amazon offer» To the Ebay offer
Sound pressure level++
How much do the Yamaha NS-AW294 speakers weigh?The speakers weigh a total of 5.4 kilograms.
Canton Pro X.3
Currently available for € 252.82
»To the Amazon offer» To the Ebay offer
Sound pressure level++
Are the Canton pro X.3 speakers rainproof?The speakers should not come into direct contact with rain. If you install the loudspeakers outside, make sure that they are adequately protected from moisture by a roof or something similar.
JBL Control One
Currently available from € 94.99
»To the Amazon offer» To the Ebay offer
Sound pressure level+++
Can the JBL Control One speakers be installed in a car?In principle yes, but you should note that the loudspeakers were not made for the large temperature fluctuations that occur over the course of the seasons. Furthermore, the output stage of the radio must be strong enough to be able to operate the loudspeakers continuously.

How many different manufacturers does the outdoor speaker comparison relate to?

Our aim is to refer to as many different manufacturers and products as possible in our outdoor loudspeaker comparison in order to offer an optimal overview of what is on offer. Therefore, 7 different manufacturers are represented in our comparison. More information "

What is the average price to expect if you are interested in an outdoor loudspeaker?

If you are interested in an outdoor loudspeaker, you should expect a price of around 167 euros. For example, the price-performance winner JBL Control One from our comparison, which costs 94.99 euros, offers a balanced ratio of low price and good quality. More information "

Which outdoor loudspeaker from the comparison did other customers particularly like?

Other customers particularly value the Polk Audio Atrium 6. This is reflected in a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars for the outdoor loudspeaker. More information "

Which manufacturers made a particularly good impression on our editorial team with their outdoor speaker model?

The Polk Audio Atrium 6 made the best impression in our product comparison: Of all the outdoor speaker models listed, this product was the only one to receive the rating "VERY GOOD". More information "

Outdoor speakers in the test or comparison - all products at a glance

modelLoudspeaker principlenumberOrder outdoor speakers
Polk Audio Atrium 6 (comparison winner)passive1 pairTo Amazon
To eBay
JBL Control One (price-performance winner)passive1 pairTo Amazon
To eBay
Yamaha NS-AW294 passive1 pairTo Amazon
To eBay
Canton Pro X.3passive1 pairTo Amazon
To eBay
JBL Charge 5active1 loudspeakerTo Amazon
To eBay
Yamaha NS-AW 392passive1 pairTo Amazon
To eBay
Soundcore SoundCore Motion +active1 loudspeakerTo Amazon
To eBay
Tronsmart Groove Force Mini Outdoor Speakeractive1 loudspeakerTo Amazon
To eBay

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