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  • May 19, 2021 4:50 PM Lollapalooza in Chicago is scheduled to take place in 2021

    The mayor of the cityLori Lightfoot announced on Twitterthat the visit for all vaccinated or negative tested people should be possible on the first weekend in August this year. Information about the line-up will be published shortly.

  • May 19, 2021 16:37 Online Workshop Corona vs. Festivals

    The new edition of the event series will this time be fromFestival Combine Working Group,the live comm and theNational association for popular music and creative industries presents. In terms of content, it will be about the current status quo in the field of Corona in relation to mobile test centers and pilot projects. As a member of the "Parliamentary Club Culture Forum", Hagen Reinhold speaks together with Ina Keßler, the managing director of the Initiative Musik, about the German government's promised second billion in funding. In addition, a separate program item is devoted to the topic of mental health during the current situation. It starts on May 20th at 7 p.m. -click here for free registration.

  • May 19, 2021 3:35 PM Bavarian organizers want to save the concert summer of 2021

    The Association for Pop Culture in Bavaria e.V. calls on concert fans to register and get vaccinated.In view of the planned easing for vaccinated people, the organizers want to raise the vaccination quota as quickly as possible in order to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible before the end of summer. The organizers expressed irritation about the unequal treatment of individual industries during the planned restart of the live industry. While events can take place in closed opera and theaters with up to 700 people, while open-air events are currently limited to 250 participants. With regard to the much lower risk of infection outside, Bavarian organizers do not see any proportionality guaranteed inside.

  • 05/14/2021 3:31 PMKulturkosmos announces cancellation of "Mission Fusion"

    The actual goal this summer to escape from the dystopian pandemic everyday life and two issuesof the Fusion Festival to take place could not be achieved. In their cancellation newsletter, the organizers address politicians with clear words and accuse them of incorrect prioritization between business and other areas.
    But even in spite of the canceled festival, Kulturkosmos is planning several smaller events this summer, which will again "enable culture, festival and party". Larger events are expected again in Lärz and elsewhere from August. You can find the entire logbook herewhich recorded the efforts and challenges of the planning team over the past few months.

  • 14.05.2021 15:07 Off for the Norwegian festival season 2021

    After the publication of further state guidelines for the next few months with regard to larger events, it is now clear that all major festivals cannot take place in Norway this summer either. The cancellations ofBergenfestTons of rockØya Festival,Over OsloPicnic in the park andStavernfetsivalen now drop into the water for the second time the entire season. Along with the other restrictions, however, a default fund of the Norwegian government of 350 million euros was confirmed. This should help organizers to restore more predictability and at the same time offer the opportunity to try out new scenarios for events.

  • 05/12/2021 16:54 UK takes another step towards indoor events

    With 4,000 attendees, the Brit Awards in London's O2 Arena was the largest indoor music event since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic.The entire evening was part of the British Government's "Events Research Program" as a pilot project. All visitors were able to take part in the evening at a distance, but without a mask.
    Over half of the tickets were given to workers from the greater London area, the rest went to the nominated artists, their teams, sponsors and actors from the music industry.

  • 05/12/2021 12:13 PM Live Nation announces doubling of events after a forced break

    managing Directorthe worldwide event company Michael Rapino speaksin a conversation with investors openly aboutthat twice as many concerts and events have been booked for 2022 as in 2019 for the last year before the pandemic. There are high hopes for reopenings and upcoming open-air events, especially in the USA, due to the high vaccination rate. Tours by Dave Matthews and Megadeth with Lamb of God have already been announced for 2021, and festival tickets for the Electric Daisy Carnival or Rolling Loud are also selling in record time, according to Rapino. Tours by Rage Against the Machine, My Chemical Romance and Rina Sawayama have been announced for the big live return in 2022. Despite the heavy losses of the last two years, Live Nation can look to the future with confidence.

  • 05/12/2021 10:54 AMBack to the roots relies on completely new preventive measures

    Björn Oesingmann, co-organizerof the small festival in Brandenburgtold in an interview with taz of the fact that this year's event should be carried out as a scientifically supported model project. The aim is to test under real conditions which protective measures work and how, so that "the authorities have a basis for decision-making". So far, a 7-step concept with a total of four test events is being considered to find out what level of security is required. The organizer points out that some test strategies, such as that of fusion, are not financially viable for many small, voluntary festivals. Most recently, Oesinghaus talks about a completely new measure - corona detection dogs. The trained animals hit the odor of the cotton swab faster than conventional rapid antigen tests and are at the same time cheaper per test. The only problem is that there are so far too few trained sniffer dogs to use this strategy across the board.

  • 05/11/2021 9:59 AMPublication of position paper from Hessian festivals

    The amalgamation of Hessian open-air festivals makes a clear statement to the public - "Give the stages a stage".
    In a recently published letter and a press conference, the cultural workers want to create visibility for their industry and fight for it to be possible to hold festivals this summer, because "Summer is still long!"
    The three clear demands are: Transparent communication between politics and culture; Planning security for the festival summer 2021 and beyond and sustainable funding programs.
    Click here for today's (May 11th) press conference.

  • May 10, 2021 6:32 PM Music clubs are given a higher cultural status

    A majority of the Bundestag approved a motion for a resolution that provides that music clubs and venues are no longer viewed as entertainment venues under building law, but as facilities for cultural purposes. We have been committed to thisthe LiveKomm, strengthens the working groupthe club committee. The association representatives see this decision as an important step towards the "protection [and] further development of club cultural diversity throughout Germany."
    In addition to the years of work by LiveKomm, it is also thanks to "the Parliamentary Forum on Club Culture and Nightlife". This was formed in February 2020 from representatives of all democratic parliamentary groups "in order to ensure the continued existence of the club culture and to support it politically".

  • May 10, 2021 6:08 p.m. The Open Festival has to admit defeat at short notice

    The organizersof the largest annual festival in Poland had to announce for the second year in a row that their event will fall victim to the pandemic.In a statement they announced that they would have done everything again this year to save the event. Even if they think the festivals are about to return, they are losing the race against time. Kendrick Lamar, Twenty One Pilots and A $ AP Rocky would have been this headliner, among others. However, some artists have already announced that they will definitely be back next year for the 20th anniversary edition.

  • 05/10/2021 5:52 PM New line-up announcements for the Immergut

    Actually findsthe small indie festival always takes place in May in Neustrelitz, but in keeping with the motto of the last regular Immergut Festival: everything stays different, this year it will be celebrated from August 26th to 28th. The organizers cannot be dissuaded and publish a new slide artist. In addition, this year's "Club of Good Hope" includes Blond, Jens Balzer, June Cocó, Kaltenkirchen, Sarah Farina, ÄTNA, Kat Frankie and Sorry3000.

  • 07.05.2021 7:09 p.m. Festival live at ARTE

    The loving festival concert recordings under the motto "Watt, Forest, Water" were made last year atWatts and silt, theRock on the Brocken and the Sound of the Forest Festival produced. All the highlights are already therehere in the ARTE media library to look up. If you want to see the whole thing again live on linear television, you can watch ARTE directly at 00:05 tonight (May 7th).

  • 05/06/2021 1:20 p.m.Klimawerkstatt Kultur - Project presentation about sustainable plans in the cultural sector

    The developments show that important efforts of various associations and companies from the cultural sector towards a more climate-friendly future are also being perceived more and more clearly in politics. As a result, calls for a Green Deal for culture are getting louder and louder. Has that impulsethe E.ON Foundation along withthe action network sustainability in order to push it further with concrete measures.
    These joint plans are to be presented to the public on May 11th. The program provides that the first thing to do is to talk about the need for a Green Deal culture in general and then to present a CO2 calculator as the first pilot project. Many speakers from the cultural and political scene have already been confirmed. The evening will be moderated by Daniela Berglehn (Head of Program E.ON Foundation) and Jacob Bilabel (Head of Action Network Sustainability in Culture and Media). Here there arethe entire program andhere you can register for the presentation.

  • 05/06/2021 1:16 PM Announcement Dialog.Pop 2021

    The traditional pop conference in southern Germany is to take place again for two days this summer. TheAssociation for Pop Culture in Bavaria e.V.organizes the whole thing in cooperation with theBavarian State Ministry for Science and Art and theInitiative music. At the specialist conference for the promotion of pop music, there will be input and discussions in the context of panels, workshops and keynote speeches. There is also the opportunity to get to know other actors and to network - for example during a relaxed chat in the fireplace or brainstorming beer coaster projects. The dialogue should take place. Pop in theBavarian Music Academy at Alteglofsheim Castle, Forfurther information here.

  • 05/06/2021 12:27 PM People of Tomorrowland, it goes on!

    Tomorrowland - Around the World comes to the second edition from 16. – 17. July back. Like last year, big international artists will play on different new and digital stages. The organizers announced that they will be doing the digital event every year from now on, so that people from all over the world can connect and celebrate with one another regardless of location. Of course, I still hope to return to the actual Holy Ground of the festival in Belgium next year. More information should be available at the end of May.Tickets are available here.

  • 04.05.2021 19:21 Series announcement "The Story of Wacken AT"

    The production companyFlorida movie announces the development and production of a new series for the heavy metal cult festivalWacken Open Air at. Actor Charlie Huebner should act as a showrunner behind and at the same time as an actor in front of the camera. Director Lars Jessen will accompany the project as a producer, he and Hübner have already worked together on various productions.Wacken co-founder Thomas Jessen says: "I'm actually not a nostalgic guy, but it's fun to dig through our wild past for this project."

  • 04.05.2021 6:59 p.m.Roskilde Festival announces this year's cancellation

    TheDanish festival legend now had to admit defeat to the circumstances of the current situation and postpones the big reunion until next summer. The organizers make it clear that the cancellation has serious consequences for the festival, the non-profit organization behind it, the artists and artistic growth. However, they stress that the Roskilde community is strong enough to overcome these challenges as well.
    All tickets from 2021 remain valid for the next year. It is requested that all people who are able to do so do not ask for repayment, so that there is financial support until next year.

  • May 3rd, 2021 16:21 postponed to 2022

    In view of their planned event at the end of June, the organizers of theLutzi is off! Festivals announce a cancellation to their fans. The new date has already been set -from June 23rd to 25th can hopefully be hugged again. Until then, the team announced, they will be working on different "overarching topics" so that the festival next year will be all the more exciting for all visitors. "With professional support from old and new partners", things like sustainability, inclusion, site maintenance and a festival app are to be tackled.

  • May 3rd, 2021 12:34 PM Add to it - the largest survey in the event industry since then

    TheInterest group event industry calls on all organizers, cultural workers and actors in the entire live industry to become visible in the form of a survey. The aim is to collect representative figures in order to convey the relevance and charisma of the entire industry more tangibly to the outside world. The crowdfounding has already been successfully completed with a donation target of € 50,000. Experts from Chemnitz University of Technology were commissioned to carry out the study. The organizers call on the one hand to become part of the campaign via social media and to take part in the survey -all assets for download here. On the other hand, of course, mainly to take part in the survey -there are here.

  • 05/03/2021 09:51 AM Primavera Sound wants to expand

    The organizers are planning the usual length for the 20th anniversary next yearof the festival to double and increase the program to a total of 400 shows. According to Reuters news agency, it should be dated next year 2nd - 5th June and from 9th to 12th June to be celebrated again. Just like in 2020, all tickets should remain valid for the next edition. It is not yet clear whether and how the line-up will be retained - headliners from 2021 would include theGorillazThe Strokes orTame Impala.

  • 03.05.2021 09:08 The result of the Spanish pilot concert sends a hopeful signal

    On March 27, the Spanish indie rock band Love of Lesbian played in front of a total of 5,000 spectators, this was the largest gathering in Europe since the beginning of the pandemic. All of the visitors were tested negative in advance, their temperature was measured, there was a mask requirement but no distance requirement and there were sectors of 1,800 people each. A little over a month later, the results of the evaluation give hope - only 6 visitors showed an infection after the concert, with 4 of them definitely not being infected at the concert. Overall, the incidence of the concert was thus far below the current one in Spain. Experts say there is no evidence that virus transmission took place during the concert. This event can therefore be rated as a complete success and serve as an example of how the live industry in Europe could return to a new normal bit by bit.

  • 29.04.2021 14:45 This year's MAYDAY stream starts

    TheTechno festival from the pot this year brings a total of 8 DJs on one stage, and a lot of special effects, to bring the fans home as much Mayday atmosphere as possible in the stream. It starts on April 30th. From 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., international techno greats such as FJAAK, Pan-Pot and Marco Bailey play. Is streamed viaTwitchYouTube andFacebook. The date for the big 30th anniversary has already been set - on April 30, 2022 will be celebrated again in the Westfalenhalle.

  • 04/29/2021 10:47 AM Dutch agencies develop sustainable riders

    UIMA (United Independent Music Agencies -the merger of all Dutch booking agencies) publishes a concept with which the more than 500 represented artists are to complete their tours with a greatly reduced carbon footprint with immediate effect. The idea was presented for the first time in the frameworkthe GEI 2019, now climate-friendly touring is to be put into practice.The key points are the massive reduction in flights, the use of renewable energies and a much lower amount of waste for things like merchandise or catering.

  • 04/29/2021 10:36 AM Dialogue between the Chancellor and cultural workers

    As part of the digital conversation series"Talking to the Chancellor", a total of 14 representatives from different branches of the cultural sector entered into a dialogue with Angela Merkel. Throughout the conversation, the urgency of the precarious situation faced by many freelance professionals in the industry was highlighted. The Chancellor showed great understanding and referred to hopes for the second half of the year and once again guaranteed financial aid until the end of 2022.In the 90 minutes it became clear how complex and multi-layered the problems of the different parts of the cultural scene are.

  • 04/29/2021 10:26 AM CTS Eventim has been sued for lack of reimbursement

    TheConsumer advice center NRW brought an action againstthe event company, since the previous handling of ticket refunds for concerts that had to be canceled due to the pandemic was not consumer-friendly. Eventim often refused to repay the full ticket price, issued vouchers in return, which, however, would be worthless in the event of bankruptcy, or did not respond to customer inquiries at all. Managing director Klaus-Peter Schulenberg said he was not very impressed with the "BILD" and described the whole thing as a "PR campaign".

  • 04/28/2021 13:16 Rock am Brocken Documentary

    In the almost failed festival summer 2020the Wat En Schlick Festival,the Sound of the Forest androcking on the Brocken joined together to produce a common stream in smaller editions of their events. The whole thing was broadcast via ARTE Concerts -here to look again. Now the rock is on the rockspublished a small documentary, in which both the circumstances of the production are depicted and the current precarious situation of cultural workers is illuminated.

  • 04/27/2021 10:25 AM IQ Magazin starts webinar program

    The British outlet for the live music industry announces the start of a new format, which will take place every month from now on. The recovery sessions are planned as a half-day webinar for all stakeholders in the industry. For subscribers to the IQ-Mag, they will be completely freely accessible. It should deal with the latest developments in terms of technical innovations or health and safety measures. The aim is to prepare for the post-pandemic restart of the live industry across borders. The first session should start on May 13th, anyone who wants to be there or have more information can call[email protected] write.

  • 04/27/2021 10:15 am Funding period for Neustart Kultur extended

    The Bundestag's budget committee has now announced that the payments and financial support under the program are to be extended until the end of 2022.
    This is another step forward after the package was increased from € 1 billion to € 2 billion a few weeks ago. This will replace events that would have taken place and were canceled until the end of 2022. The administrative processing is even possible for the cultural workers until 2023.

  • 04/26/2021 10:37 AM Live industry in UK is in favor of Covid certificate

    Associations, agencies, companies and actors from the event, entertainment, sports, exhibition and live music sectors have spoken out in favor of digital proof in an open letter, which can be used to check the vaccination and / or test status of visitors. The undersigned make it clear that this would be an important step back towards a new normal. There are considerations that the whole system will be implemented in the already existing national Corona app.

  • 04/26/2021 10:20 AM WACKEN continues to give up hope

    The Wacken Open Air took place once againreported to his fans and announces that it will continue to work tirelessly with a wide variety of experts to develop solutions for this summer. The organizers thank the visitors for all ideas, suggestions and the positive feedback. However, concrete planning security is not yet given, which is why a little patience is required with regard to further, more specific announcements.

  • 04/26/2021 10:02 am catch-up date for Focus Session Festivals 2021

    The canceled theme evening on April 13th on the conference platform of the Reeperbahn Festival is now on April 29th from 4 p.m. made up for. As already announced, the topic will be the status quo and the prospects for the 2021 festival season - the program, speakers and moderation will remain the same,here again the complete information.

  • 04/23/2021 11:44 AM Summerjam postponed to 2022

    With regard to the current situation, the organizers of theCologne festivals no way to do justice to the family atmosphere of the festival. In addition, there are the existing travel restrictions for artists and visitors from other countries. However, we can look to the future with optimism. July 2022 it goes back to the Fühlinger See!The team promised its fansthat it is working flat out to relocate the previous line-up to next year so that everyone can celebrate a birth anniversary.

  • 04/23/2021 09:20 am sustainable and fair merch from the lunatic festival

    The festival from Lüneburg, organized by students, has in cooperation with the non-profitLabel Bridge and Tunnel from Hamburg brought out a fair and sustainable cooperation. Old sweaters were upcycled into bum bags and with old festival ribbons from the regional initiativeWitch stitch individualized. Each piece was created by hand and under fair wages and working conditions. You can buy the limited bum bags in the lunaticonline shop.

  • 04/23/2021 09:05 AM GEI this year as an online format

    The one organized by the A Greener Festival initiativeConference Green Events & Innovations will take place digitally on September 16, 2021. As every year, it should be about smart and climate-friendly ways to organize events more sustainably. The 13th edition places a special focus on measures that were developed and implemented by actors from the industry during the pandemic. TicketsIs there ... here.

  • 04/22/2021 7:26 PM Live Nation presents sustainable touring program

    "The Green Nation Touring Program" is part of the Green Nation Initiative launched in 2019 and aims to make it easier for artists to plan and play more climate-friendly tours. Live Nation talks about using the post-pandemic restart to prioritize the planet and the people within the live industry more. Specifically, the program relates to four core elements.
    planning - This is e.g. about efficient routes and more ecological transport.production - all areas from power generation to stage design should be considered here.Procurementg - here it should be ensured that all resources from merch to catering are sustainable.Community - here everyone involved should be included, from the crew to the fans.

  • 04/22/2021 6:54 p.m. Merger of FKP Scorpio and Area One

    Thenationwide event giant from Hamburg has dealt withthe Berlin booking agencymerged and founded a new and joint agency called FKP Area One. Folkert Koopmans will join the management of the new agency from FKP. Joe Rambock and Thorsten Schauf join from Area One. The agency will be based in Berlin.Stephan Thanscheidt expressed his joy about itthat with this merger a Europe-wide and international orientation of the artist portfolio of FKP can be further advanced.

  • 04/22/2021 3:59 PM Positive signal for the EXIT Festival

    Thanks to Serbia's well-running and well-developed test and vaccination strategy, the mayor of Novi Sad has his go for the one that is taking place there festival given. Of course, there will still be testing measures for all visitors on site. The whole thing will take place from 8th to 11th July 2021. Acts that have already been announced includePaul van DykNina Kraviz orMetronomy.

  • 04/22/2021 3:49 PM Clear announcement - SUMMER BREEZE Open Air should take place safely

    Southern Germany's largest metal festival turns inan open letter and with a comprehensive infection protection concept to decision-makers: inside politics and authorities. In long and intensive cooperation with renowned partners such as the University of Trier or the Bavarian Red Cross as well as well-known colleagues from the event and legal area, a secure and resilient concept has been created. This shows how events like SUMMER BREEZE can be safely made possible in the second half of the summer of this year.

  • 04/22/2021 3:41 PM Synaesthesia Festival 2021

    From 19th to 20th November returnsthe festival for the sixth time back in the halls of the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin. Traditionally, the organizers would like to use this event to commemorate the German contribution to avant-garde music. Founder and curator Alex "Olli" Remzi speaks of "that the music scene, everyone within this community and also you yourself have to look ahead." Already announced are i.a. BeakKVBNew Candys andLucy Kruger And The Lost Boys. Early bird ticketsIs there ... here.

  • 04/22/2021 3:18 PM Database for sustainable solutions

    On theSustainable Event Solutions website there is the possibility for organizers to find service providers in the form of a simple search engine who offer climate-friendly solutions for all areas of the event industry. You can also have your own event or tour checked for sustainability. Additional information in areas such as ethical textiles, zero waste or local food is available on the blog.

  • 04/19/2021 10:13 PMUK Releases New Event Infection Control Program

    With a view to the previously planned festival summer in Great Britain, new or expanded guidelines for organizers and the implementation of their events have been published. Existing recommendations were made on the basis of the research results of theGovernment’s Events Research Program (ERP) various pilot events supplemented with social distancing. The entire document is a collaboration between various industry associations, such as theAssociation of Independent Festivals (AIF) or theAssociation of Festival Organizers (AFO)and leading experts in the field of infection protection.

  • April 19, 2021 10:10 PM Probably no festival summer in Finland

    Due to the still unpredictable infection rate in FinlandFour of the largest festivals in the country have now been canceled. The non-occurrence ofIlosaariskirtProvinssi,theSideways Festival and Finland's oldest festivalRuisrock, enormously reduces the country's festival summer. Even though cancellation insurance has been announced for event organizers, there is little hope for event organizers and their events as government plans call for restrictions on public events to remain in place for the longest.

  • April 19, 2021 21:51 Culture Association calls for a change in the law

    The German cultural council calls for a specific adjustmentof the Fourth Civil Protection Act of April 13, 2021 in favor of cultural events in the open air. The draft of the federal government stipulates that cultural institutions in rural districts are not allowed to open if the 7-day incidence is over 100. In a letter addressed to the Health Committee of the German Bundestag, the cultural workers now demand with regard to the freedom of art enshrined in the Basic Law: To allow "leeway for model projects in the cultural sector to test openings" and to legally grant "open-air cultural events in compliance with hygiene rules".

  • April 19, 2021 9:19 PM Online workshop "Climate-friendly open air event"

    TheClumcomission Berlin, theclubliebe e.V. and thePower place organize this Wednesday,April 21st from 10:00 am to 4:00 pma digital workshop to work out together with organizers how their events can be implemented in the most climate-friendly way possible.
    As part of the Free Open Air Initiative, two experts will give input on this topic and share their knowledge. Kira Taige from Machstatt and Hannah Mauksch from Clubliebe will work out how it is possible to communicate the most important areas of sustainable events (decoration, mobility, electricity ...) to the outside world. The free registration formIs there ... here.

  • 04/16/2021 11:57 c / o pop convention platform is online

    From today it is possible yourselfregister with LIVETO for free and follow both the festival and the convention stream from April 21st. At special expert sessions there will be the opportunity to exchange and network with speakers and participants in breakout sessions. For special platform sessions, free tickets must be purchased in advance so that a safe space can be created for sensitive topics. There are only limited places for all sessions, so the well-known principle applies: first come, first serve.The full timetable is now available here.

  • 04/16/2021 11:43 AM Music Declares Emergency starts with a new campaign

    With the slogan "No music on a dead planet"MDE as an international association by organizations, musicians and professionals from the industry for a more climate-friendly world. From 19th to 25th April is the motto of "Turn Up The Volume" - with various campaigns it will be celebrated and empowered to show how the music industry and its actors can be part of social change and drivers of more sustainable development. There will be exciting radio shows, artists will talk about how they get involved in this regard and a clear signal should be sent to the outside world that as many people as possible participate in the campaign - regardless of whether they have their own sustainability Playlist, a video, your own little story or just spreading the word.Here you can download assets to participate on social.

  • 16.04.2021 10:36 A small music festival in Thuringia wants to take place at all costs

    This year it will be the tenth edition at Schloss Weitersrodaof the Bird of Paradise Festival occur. Regardless of whether it is legal or illegal, so clearly