Hiring GE freshmen

Big city, big expectations. The prospective freshmen face the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo). Some are already talking to fellow students, others are wondering when they look at the unfamiliar surroundings. The introduction will begin soon. Alexandra Elsner and Nancy look confidently. Both know each other, come from Schwelm near Wuppertal. Both will study business administration. "Cologne has a good reputation there," says Elsner. “The main thing is to get away from home,” explains Ge. Stefan Happel also wants to become a business economist. And he believes that there is a lot of work ahead of him: “This is going to be tough. And you don't know how you will end up with your bachelor's degree. But Cologne has a very good reputation! ”He also says.

Information events take place in all faculties these days before the start of the semester. In lecture hall I, the business administration “freshmen” are still looking for free places. Many wear sky-blue polo shirts under checkered grandpa tank tops, probably the current young economist fashion. Whoever comes last sits on the floor. “The space situation is our Achilles heel,” admits Dean Professor Frank Schulz-Nieswandt. Nevertheless, Cologne is "one of the two or three most renowned universities" in this country. The material becomes correspondingly demanding. "I don't train insurance clerks." Whispers in the hall. “It is said that some people still chose Cologne because of its density of bars.” With a Bachelor's degree, there is hardly any time for that: six semesters of standard study time, then onto the job market. Some will graduate at the age of 22. Finally, the student council introduces itself and shows a film full of party pictures. That straightens the impression that the dean gave.