How was your first trip to school

Isabella Kalin class 4b

Our school trip to Himminghausen

We (class 4b) went on a class trip to Himminghausen on September 12, 2011 with class 4a. We left at 9 a.m. and were there at 12 noon. Our youth hostel was on a barely traveled street. She had a view of many fields and meadows. We were all amazed at how neat and cozy our rooms were. We have also made great trips. For example to Hermann's monument, the bird park and the eagle observatory. Of course we went on more trips, but you couldn't list them all !!! The meal went too. We had breakfast at 8.30 a.m., lunch at 12.00 p.m. and dinner at 6.00 p.m. In the evening we read and sang together comfortably. The final evening in particular was great. We played and sang games together (both classes). We would certainly go back to the youth hostel if we could !!!


Tülin Chasim class 4a

my school trip

I was on a school trip with my class and class 4b. That was very exciting. The rooms in the youth hostel were very nice. We also took a trip to the bird park. During my primary school days we had three class teachers: Ms. Blesken, Ms. Holtermann and now Ms. Olsberger is our teacher. We also went on excursions in the 4 years. In winter we went ice skating with the whole class. That was a lot of fun. Once we were also in the zoo in Bochum. There were a lot of animals to see. That was great.


Berivan Özkan class 4b

A day on a class trip

In our 5-day school trip we also went to the Hermannsdenkmal. There we took a lot of photos, climbed the memorial and walked to a bird park, where I was allowed to take a parrot on my shoulder. There was also a ship and monkey swing that we climbed on and had a lot of fun with. But the funny thing about the trip was that an eagle flew on Lisa's head. After seeing different types of eagles, we took the bus back to our youth hostel.


Maida Omercic Class 4a

school trip

In 4th grade I was on a school trip with my class and class 4b.
We stayed in a youth hostel.
The youth hostel had delicious food and nice rooms.
I was in one room with my friends Tülin, Dilara, Almelia, Burcu and Yasemin.
One day we went hiking too. We went to the bird park. We also made dragons. We were only there on a school trip for a week, but it was a great time - like the entire time at Hellweg primary school.


Tabea Grabosch class 4b

The class trip of the 4b, 4a

Our school trip went to Himminghausen near Paderborn. The bus ride took 2 hours. The area was very mountainous. The house looked brand new. The beds were made of wood and there were 2 sinks in all rooms. There were city names for the rooms, for example Mainz or Magdeburg. A full day hike was offered on one day. Thursday we went to the Hermannsdenkmal, the bird park and the eagle observatory. On Friday we had to go home at 9:00 a.m. At 11 o'clock we arrived at the school, where the parents were already waiting for us.


Lisa Middelhauve class 4b

The class trip

When we arrived, we quickly went to the room, we were all surprised how nice and big the rooms were. There were 3 bed rooms, 5 bed rooms, 4 bed rooms, 6 bed rooms and much more. Later we went to dinner. It was very tasty, then we went on a long hike. But the tour was interesting. We made our bed and went into the garden, that was nice. At 10 p.m. we went to bed. The next day we made kites out of garbage bags. Then we let go we let them rise. On Wednesday we went to the playground and got the food delivered. On Thursday we went on a trip to the bird park. It was really cool there. There was everything, even ice cream, really cool. Well and unfortunately we had to leave on Friday.


Buran Takiv Class 4a

The class trip

When we went on a school trip, I was very excited. Luckily I didn't cry when I left. When we arrived, we were allowed to go to the room immediately. Everyone got a bed that we had to make ourselves. Our room was the most tidy!
When the bell rang it meant we had to eat.
On Thursday we were in the bird park. That was interesting.
But unfortunately I got homesick. That didn't stop until Friday. Nevertheless, the school trip was a lot of fun.