Are all babies born white?

Rare gene: Black woman gives birth to white baby

British Catherine Howarth gave birth to a healthy baby in June. Granted, everyone would probably stop reading at this point. If it hadn't happened to the 32-year-old that has a probability of one in a million.

Because Howarth, whose parents come from Nigeria, gave birth to a white boy in Milton Keynes hospital in England. The baby's father, Richard, 34, is also light-skinned, but you look twice when you see black Howarth with her white son Jonah in her arms.

“The midwife looked at me, looked back at Jonah, and then back at me. She just couldn't believe it, "Catherine told the Mirror. In many cases, the children's skin color would change after a few weeks. But based on the color of their ears, one can tell early on whether a subsequent change will occur. With Jonah, the firstborn of the Howarths, it quickly became clear: the boy with the brown hair and the green eyes remains fair-skinned. Contrary to what was initially assumed, Jonah, who is now three months old, is a perfectly healthy child and not a child with congenital albinism.

"All of my family were black"

But then what is responsible for the surprise? Doctors say it is a recessive inheritance in the mother. That is to say that her dark skin color gene hardly ever developed in heredity or, as in Jonah's case, did not even appear at all.

"Everyone in my family has always been black, as far back as my parents can remember," continues Catherine. Doctors had therefore confirmed that her son's case was very rare. Not only the parents are in love with their baby, model agencies have also become aware of the case and have since added Jonah and his mother to their files.

Only two similar cases of this type are known in Great Britain: Among others, the dark-skinned couple Benjaman and Angela Ihegboro from Woolwich in South London, who introduced their fair-skinned daughter Nmachi with blonde hair to the world in 2010. And nine years ago, Kylie Hodgson and Remi Horder became the parents of twin daughters: one was white, one black - just like the parents.

Such a case rarely occurs. But it does happen - with a probability of 1 in 1,000,000.