What inspired Terry Pratchett to write Discworld

LEGO Ideas: Terry Pratchett's Discworld makes it into the review

Yesterday, the draft for Terry Pratchett's Discworld ("Discworld") received the necessary support from 10,000 votes and is now the 17th set to be checked for possible implementation by the LEGO Ideas Review Board.

Fan designer BrickHammer is a newcomer to Ideas, because the user account was only opened three months ago. In the short time, nine projects have been uploaded and with the “Discworld” the review was achieved for the first time.

The design by BrickHammer shows the core of the fantasy world: the disc world, carried by four elephants, who in turn stand on the back of a turtle that moves through the vast expanse of space. The design could be completed within just 57 days received the necessary backing of 10,000 votes and is thus a quick representative on the way to the review. For the construction of the license theme in the style of a display model 2,650 parts and no minifigures intended.

"Discworld" is based on the novel by the English author Terry Pratchett, which made its debut in 1983. By the time Pratchett died on March 12, 2015, an impressive 41 books had been created, sold well over 85 million times and translated into 37 languages. In addition to the literary works, there are also some films, computer games, role-playing games and even some theater plays as well as an extensive range of other fan articles.

Most recently, in 2018, BBC America commissioned the eight-part series “The Watch”, which is inspired by “Discworld”. The shooting is currently to take place in South Africa. The BBC teased a first glimpse this January. It is not yet known when the production will premiere.

Ideas is already familiar with the idea: In the first review in 2015, the review board decided not to implement a Discworld draft.

Here you can see all the detailed pictures:

Overview of all projects in the second review 2020:

The topic of "Discworld" passed me by completely. It was only through this design that I got used to the Discworld a bit and am amazed at how diverse it is. I find the implementation very appealing. In contrast to the first “Discworld” project on Ideas, the shapes have become much more detailed and I also like the choice of colors.

By choosing Seinfeld in the third review in 2019, LEGO recently proved that TV presence and a broad fan base are definitely important for the review decision. Discworld can easily keep up, because the story has been sold millions of times and has been translated into 37 languages. I cannot judge what the situation with regard to the license looks like.

It's a nice display set with a wide fan base. LEGO could see this as an opportunity to remind fans of the “Discworld”. If a license is granted to LEGO, I rate the implementation as possible.

Do you know the story "Discworld"? Have you ever seen a book or a film? How do you like the design? How do you rate the chances of implementation? Write us your opinions in the comments.